The Tesla shares shifted strongly in line with the regulators

Tesla and his CEO, Elon Musk, agreed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in a weekend to arrange the Musket Tweet costs at the beginning of August. He wrote that he was considering taking over Tesla and taking his shares from the public market and said in particular that the financing of this project had been secured. Both Tesla and Musk each pay $ 20 million (about $ 446 million), and Musk must resign as chairman of the board for at least three years. However, the Executive Director will continue to exist.

The Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit last Thursday in which the statement about the Tesla acquisition and the withdrawal of shares had no real basis, it was untrue and misleading, led to chaotic stock markets and damaged investors. Tesla's shares responded to a lawsuit that had dropped almost 14 percent last Friday.

"We believe that the Moss agreement with the SEC is beneficial for all shareholders and that Tesle should enable us to turn our attention back to producing quality cars," said Ben Kallo, analyst at Baird.

The share price of Tesla today also contributed to Electrek's report that Tesla produced approximately 80,000 cars in the third quarter, compared with 53,339 in the second quarter. The production of the new 3-electric vehicle, according to Electrek, familiar with the situation, reached about 53,000 vehicles. This would mean that Tesla promised in August to produce 50,000 to 55,000 Model 3 cars in the third quarter, Reuters said.

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