Trains chose a third member of the board of directors without a decision –

The Supervisory Board recalled the five-member board of directors Martin Bělčík and Ludvík Urban last week, depriving Pavel Krtko of the position of the chairman of the board of directors. Mole could remain on the board as vice-chairman, but the position on Friday was rejected and on Tuesday the supervisory board also appealed.

Changes in the management were initiated by Transportminister Dan Ťok (for ANO), which gave the company priority through slow liberalization of public transport on the railway. Changes to the board of directors were preceded by the replacement of the Supervisory Board, where five of the nine members also appealed to the Management Committee. Prime Minister Petar Moose placed her in front.

The board of directors is now headed by Miroslav Kupec, who was still in charge of asset management and rail technology maintenance. The third member responsible for passenger transport is Michal Štěpán.

The new head of ČD Miroslav Kupec

The new head of ČD Miroslav Kupec


Dvořák in ČD is 11 years old. He was still responsible for a business and investment strategy for passenger transport, the preparation and defense of the business model for the credit rating agency and investors in refinancing, operational economic analysis and optimization of passenger transport, the development of international cooperation and professional communication with the EU.

The other two members of the Board of Directors must be advised on the basis of a selection procedure. New members should be known in November. The participants can participate in the recruited members of today. According to the server, today's appointment of Dvorak is temporary and the new three members have to look for the personnel of the Constellation, recommended by the Minister of Transport.

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