Uber strengthens traffic: the taxi is also the one that goes to the bus

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The classic cooperative, which originally wanted to develop Uber and its competitors, can not be done with the two. It is the taxi's own, the main difference is the platform used for ordering the car and the way it is. And so the price that is not paid by the taxi, caught on the day on the Vrchlabí nmst, in front of the winding hall or abandoned park above the large Ndram-tear.

The great study, which analyzed data in nine US cities, found that the Lyft and Uber taxiclubs, which are far more autochthonous in the US than in Europe, have not relieved the streets. Loads are ordered by the application in the mobile phone, despite all favorable prices and easy access to daily customers who would not normally drive.

The study author, a freelance transport consultant, Bruce Schaller, highlights the data from Seattle. According to city statistics for the year, people used the services of Uberu and Lift in 20 million cases. The Vulicch of the seven hundred year old city has covered the 151 million kilometers.

The breakthrough of Bruce Schaller contradicts many studies, she said, and talked with Lyft Campbell Matthews. His study had many obvious factors. The Lyft Jet had a study from New York City, which had the traffic speed in the city to fall under Uberu and Lyftu.

Uber Schaller accepts it, but the alternative taxi's would be a problem for the city. And cites federal statistics according to which the same 151 million kilometers total crossing in the Seattle area is in two days.

Without much publicity, large cities in America are likely to be flooded with cars, Schaller said, adding that the volume of the transport vehicles would be increased, but the throughput would be reduced. Leaving the density and diversity of transport essential for economic and social well-being.

In addition, Nathan Hamley, the spokesman for the company, is a reliable long-term alternative to car ownership, along with public transport, cycling and cycling.

The primary goal of mobility mobility is to provide sufficient mobility choices to enable people to avoid a high level of ownership. Lyft and Uber are a big part of this comparison, drunk Andrew Glass Hastings, the Department of Transport and Mobility in Seattle.

These services are very valuable, but if they play a role in the transport system, it will become a major disaster. This process must be kept in mind by Schaller, the editor of the New York Department of Transportation. The Dodv bag in Seattle works for a time when the new taxis insurance is regulated and invested in public transport.

Alternatively, taxi clubs can discourage people from getting paid if they are able to get paid. That way, those who were otherwise kidnapped by the bus or stayed at home, went to Schaller for the Seattle Times. A survey of only 40 percent of the Uberu user or his competitor Lyft would have been behind the wheel or a taxi would not have been taken away by these slogans. And the rest would choose another means of transport. The average ride over Seattle is 8.3 kilometers long, according to a survey. idi Uberu moves 4.8 kilometers from one rita to the other.

Schaller pipomn, when Uber and Lyft first appeared in the city in 2014, the city council was limited, and at the same time I only had about 150 idioms on the streets in the streets, but I quickly removed this city, and only Uber m today Seattle 14 tisc ofr. In total there are 28 registered idi-taxi's, not all active.

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