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There is another film from the workshop of Jan and Zdeněk Svěrák. The viewers of the film are really fond of it. Do you know him perfectly? Or find something that you may not like about the movie?

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1. Inspiration

What inspired Zdeněk Svěrák to write the scenario for the return bottles?
Actually, it is nothing complicated. He himself met in the store of a man who
collect bottles and sit in his small warehouse.

2. Woman

The wife of Svěrák played by Daniela Kolářová.
And the selection is not random. These two actors have once a married role
proven. And that in the film Remote through the forest. They are
so the choice was clear.

3. The role of the daughter

Their daughter had to play Petra Špalková first, but it finally happened
addressed Tatiana
. But she had to go through the entire bankruptcy.
In the end she chose her because she had Zdeněk Svěrák
the same nose.

4. Success and budget

Rolling Recycle bottles cost 33 million crowns, but in cinema cinemas
115 million, so the film has certainly paid off. During the first one
On the weekend he also visited a film of incredible 107.357 spectators.

5. Inch at Kolju

Throughout the film, links to another Svěrák film appear.
It is Kolja. Daniela Kolářová will watch the film in a TV program like
a reminder that they have to look. Then there is an allusion to the film
always scream. At that moment Kolj & # 39; s crying in the shower is heard
on the background. The same people played in the film as in Oscar
picture – Miroslav Táborský, Nela Boudová or Ladislav Smoljak.

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