A sexy acrobat who wants to splash: in a horror autumn broke the collarbone

Frankie broke her collarbone after an acrobatic break. Instagram

Frankie broke her collarbone after an acrobatic break. But she has not forgotten to take a picture immediately. Her fans were surprised by the hospital bed with a fixed neck, because she still had a perfect make-up on it.

"I wish I could look like this girl if I destroy my life,"Wrote a fan on Instagram Frankie's reactions to the make-up surprised her but did not bother her, in fact, she was satisfied.

"I did not expect any reaction from the cosmetic community. But those compliments were really nice,& # 39; said Frankie, recovering from her wounds. But she is glad she did not make it worse. He realizes that he is wrong.

"I was lucky that I had broken only the collarbone and not the neck,"She added it to the social network, Frankie is one of those women who are not afraid to show off their own sexuality." In addition to revealing, she likes to take photos of the lethargic attitudes in women.

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