Another groom is an actor? Pavel starred in Judge Barbara –

Some viewers have an incredible memorial. On social networks, information spread that Pavel Dlesk, a groom from the reality show Svatba, was supposed to play in another show at first glance, just like Radek Stöber, who appeared in Dangerous Relationships. Where have discerning viewers seen Paul?

27.11.2020 7.00 | Author Klára Šimšová

As soon as viewers of the reality show Svatba heard at first glance that Radek Stober had appeared in another show before, they were disappointed. Many of them reportedly believed that the social experiment would succeed, but after the information that the groom Radek had appeared in Dangerous Relationships on TV Barrandov, their confidence had waned. Some even refuse to keep watching the wedding.

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Are they just actors? The audience of the wedding is furious at first glance: the groom Radek was once Peter

And Radek clearly wasn’t the only one playing anywhere. Second groom Pavel Dlesk would also appear in a different program. “I’d say good to one, so he’s been somewhere, but two of the four grooms? That’s strange,” was in a conversation between multiple users.
“Who else has performed anywhere? That’s a mess.” someone who had no idea shook her head. “Paul, on Judge Barbara’s show,” the young lady fired on the nets. At the same time, they evaluated the performance of both men, Radek and Pavel.

“It’s embarrassing when you consider that if they already have actors, at least they have to be good. Not one is a slogan, it’s also cried by an ad for tampons, and the other is expressed in the sentence, ‘Let’s see what the captain in the Red Sea says. ‘ she added in a second comment, and a few other women agreed.

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The groom Radek from Svatba and the divorced father Petr from Dangerous Relationships: What Simon Threw at Him

Nova dismisses the charge, it is not an actor

TV Nova, however, strictly rejects such allegations that it is only a recorded show. It’s entirely possible that at times they both wanted to make extra money by participating in an extra on a show. At the time, of course, they had no idea that he would sign up for a reality show and social experiment to find a partner for life.

“At first glance, the wedding is a social experiment in which the actors do not perform. Interested parties signed up based on a call that was broadcast on our television. Of the registered candidates, four compatible couples were then formed by experts,” Nova is behind him.


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