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Bitcoin has dropped to 3500 USD, it's time to buy!

Bitcoin finally fell out, it was time for a good purchase. Be quick, not a lot of time.

Many of you know that I am a former evangelist Bitcoin, early adopter and guardian. I have a lot of coins and the Bitcoin thing is my hobby. I also won, but it was only an episode, speculation turned out to be a better and more profitable pleasure. My first article about the BTC could be read in 2013. Then there were several, including several interviews in paper and digital magazines. From the beginning I advise you to buy! If the price is right, it is worth it. Those who followed this advice in 2013 are long behind the water. Whoever followed her in later years.

And I advise you to buy again! The current price will rise rapidly to its multiple, you will earn again. I do not want to look at the reasons for the decline in detail because there are more. The first is the sale of amateur investors from last year. They bought it for unreasonable prices and they were writing off the whole year. Another aspect is the sale of large players who buy computing power during the BTC Cash Force battle. This sale started somewhere between October and November and it is their turn. The price is falling, the panic of small savers is increasing. Whether the price will be higher or lower tomorrow, but I'm counting on a further decline.

Bitcoin has dropped to 3500 USD, it's time to buy!

I do not mind you buy nowbut be alert and pay attention to the trend, in the case of further price decreases, the purchasing mechanisms have their place. In Onlin there is a big increase in sales and volumes. It can last, and the price will fall or not. At the current price, however, it is good to buy, and you will know for sure next year. On the other hand, keep in mind that BTC is a risky investment that you can earn and earn. Do everything with good luck, preferably with the money you might miss.

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