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BMW M5 Edition 35 Jahre: A powerful sedan with an exclusive appearance as a celebration of 35 years of legend

The automaker in Munich will only build 350 copies of the new limited edition M5. In addition to the powerful engine, it offers an exclusive appearance.

BMW regularly celebrates the birthday of its sports models with the letter M in the title, with Jahre editions. And because this year celebrates the 35th anniversary of the M5, it is clear that this high-end sports sedan has just won the annual edition. The BMW M5 Edition 35 Jahre will only be produced in 350 copies, which will be available from July 2019.

The cornerstone of the new edition is the BMW M5 Competition, which means that the turbo has a twin-engine eight-cylinder engine, tuned to 460 kW and 750 N.m. There is also a specially tuned chassis with an M active differential on the rear axle or four-wheel drive.

The BMW M5 Edition 35 Jahre can be seen at a glance by its appearance, with the help of details specially developed for this year model. The striking appearance is particularly impressive in combination with the special BMW Metallic Color Frozen Dark Gray II, which has a unique pigmentation that ensures a silky matte finish. It is complemented by exclusive 20-inch M-spoke M-spoke wheels in Graphite Gray, with black painted calipers. And, or painted gold, when the customer opts for high-quality carbon-ceramic brakes.

In addition to the M multifunctional seats and the BMW Individual Merino black leather upholstery with beige contrasting seams, you will notice the exclusive anodized aluminum lining with carbon fiber structure, which is being premiered in the M5 edition 35 Jahre. The finely structured surfaces are located on the dashboard, the door panels and the center console. Prague is not only decorated with the inscription "M5 35 Jahre", while the inscription "M5 Edition 35 Jahre 1/350" is engraved with a laser on the cup holder cover on the center console.

The BMW M5 has been part of the Munich car model since 1984. The first generation, based on the then five-series E28, based on the M1-in-line six-cylinder engine, even has 6 kW more power than the legendary supercar with a mid-engine. In addition, the M5 has a stiffer sports car, a powerful braking system, a reinforced five-speed gearbox and a 25% self-locking differential on the rear axle. All of this was packaged in an inconspicuous body, a character that M5 is still trying to preserve today.

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