Christ has deceived himself. Whatever the noise could be for a new process

When the police of the Republic of Tome of the Republic and Kate Kristela accused the police of his ex-husband Traveler Erbov, the footballer blamed himself.

Although there is a video clip of a bank, it is striking how the moderator of one cent wins one of the ads. he said that Christie did not pay for it, he deceived her with a stunt and she was a vacationer on the couch.

He claimed in court that he and Katein Kristelov had set them up with them. Because the defendant also distanced himself from the moderator, but the judge ultimately punished her with a condition and she earned 300 hours of general work.

But now it seems that it could have happened differently.

And it is not as simple as the pokes of Vlaka Erbov claimed of the arrest. She pointed out that her exmanel is so illiterate that she could not even send an e-mail. The words now confirm the voice of Kateina Kristelov from the accused report, whose authenticity has been confirmed and he told her she was punished.

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By the way, it is clear that the letter with Kristela tried to get Erb to compromise the material it could have, Kristelov confirms the words of his sokyn.

Tom this neum. Girls, not you, with miles to the east. Today I came to him to participate in the mail. No fun. It is nothing. He searched for his email on the list in Gmail. It is ir netst, zn from the burst in the voice of Kateina Kristelov.

If the authenticity and logs are confirmed, the process can be restored. And this time not only the epic, but also Kristelov, who would paradoxically seduce themselves, would not be on the couch.

You only need to convert if someone is recovered under the process if the resulting recordings are to be staged or if there is no chance to hear audiobooks.

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