Dominika admitted: Ivana Gottová told me …

Karel Gott’s eldest daughter does not want children. Even though Ivana Gottová encouraged her to start a family!

“Ivana told me to have a family and children,” admitted Dominika in front of the server. She added that Timo was a suitable partner in this regard, which gave her complete freedom.

But she wouldn’t have much freedom with the kids and she didn’t even plan them with Tim. “Sometimes I change my mind, sometimes my plans change for me without me wanting to, but this hasn’t changed in all my life,” she said.

He explains exactly that desire for freedom, but he doesn’t feel selfish at all. On the contrary.

“It would be a selfish life if I had those kids. In my opinion, selfishness is such that some people have children just to get that status in society,” she explained.

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