Duet Leoš Mareš and Karel Gotta break the internet! Did you hear him? VIDEO – Prásk.tv

Leoš Mareš once recorded four albums and several duets. For example with Martina Balogová or Tereza Kerndlová. His hits such as Svalnatec, Three Words, Minutes Drag or Best Idea have won many fans.

Later left Leos and only moderated. His musical career, however, has recently risen again. After his one concert he organized another. He even released a new version of Svalnatec.

Now Leoš Mareš decided to create another duet and fulfill his old dream. He helped Karel Gott to help. They have combined two of their songs with a similar theme – Leo's "We're older" and Gott's "Being Still Young". This resulted in a new version of the song "Being Still Young".

Leoš Mareš and Karel Gott have also recorded a video clip for this song. On YouTube he won over half a million views the first few days and climbed to second place in the trend category. It was just a parody of Harry Potter and the Stone of the wise.

"16 years ago I wrote a text about how time flies, I was 26 and I dreamed that the chorus would be a song. Still be young and Karel Gott would sing it," Mares said in Instagram status. Now he did it.

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