Fast and Furious! Vémola strangled Mikulášek in the first round. Puddle took the win!


Lukáš Tvrdý – Michal Glos. Quick start. Slovak hope that Michal Glos has confirmed that he can do it on Earth. An experienced 36-year-old Ostrava fighter hit the lever on his knee after 80 seconds. “I felt him hit my chin but I stopped. Then I automatically went to the takedown,” said Glos after the game.

Filip Macek – Jerry Kvarnström. This pair has put together more than eighty matches! Most likely, this contest would end with an entry, it happened. In the first minute of the second round, Macek put the guillotine on from behind and strangled Fina. He didn’t wonder what had happened to him. “If I lost to the guillotine, I would be upset too,” admitted the winner.

At the press conference after the game, there was a real spark between Carlos Vémola and Václav Mikulášek., OCTAGON MMA

Matus Juracek – Jan Siroky. The first returned to the MMA competition after more than three years. The damage claimed. His opponent took the game the day before the game. In the third round, Slavist Juráček won the TKO. ‘We just noticed then. The protector fell out, but I was in no hurry, I don’t know why the referee ended it, “Široký didn’t understand.” I’m a little sorry for the end, I just hit and they said I had to quit won the match, ‘the winner added.

Pavel Salčák Pavel – Filip Tomczak. The match ended in a draw after fifteen minutes. “I feel like a winner,” insisted the Pole. The Czech fighter’s reaction? “I wouldn’t expect a draw before the game, it’s not long ago here. If it was a draw, I don’t know, I’ll put it on my team, which says.”

Javid Basharat – Alexander Bezkorovayny. A Ukrainian with an Afghan, a duel in a bantam vase, which offered a lot of movement. In the last minute of the second round, Basharat strangled his opponent and scored his tenth win, without losing once. In addition, he finished all his matches before the limit.

Lucie Pudilová after the win.


Matej Kuznik – Marek Bartl. Big fight that was supposed to be fun. In the end, Kuzník won on points. “A tough game, I had a million scripts in my head, this was one of them, it wouldn’t work very well at first,” he replied, sitting down.

Andrej Kalašník – Tato Primera. This pair opened the main map. And it was a match that offered many boxing grants. Kalashnik did not add the seventh victory in a row, the Canary Islands fighter clearly won on points.

Samuel Krištofič – Mateusz Strzelczyk. Finish in the second round after the first minute. Exactly hit the left hook, the Pole went to the ground, then the punches and elbows on the ground decided, the referee ended the game – TKO “I was saddled, I am satisfied,” said Krištofič.

Lucie Pudilová – Cornelia Holmová. The Czech Republic managed to return to the MMA after the UFC, although her coach collapsed before the game and was taken to hospital, still Pudilová entered the game and showed her heart. “It’s such a sweet win that I love everyone here and on TV, I’m incredibly happy. I would like to dedicate that match to my grandfather in Heaven, I love him very much,” said the winner.

Carlos Vemola – Vaclav Mikulasek. The most important fight of the whole evening. “I will destroy Babu Jagu in the first round, like my name is Terminator. And if not, I’ll hang the gloves on a nail, because there’s no point in fighting anymore ”, Vémola said before the match.

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