First aid is not necessary. Citizenship is enough for Kunder to make a statement –

According to the law, a simplified acquisition of Czech citizenship is permitted by a declaration to those who have lost it in the past, said Ondřej Krátoška spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior. It is enough for Kundera's spouses to come up with a birth certificate, a marriage certificate and a document that shows the date and the way to sell Czech citizenship to a regional or representative agency.

"The resumption of citizenship by an ex-citizen can not happen on official duty and the person concerned must make an active manifestation of the will to restore Czech citizenship," added Kratoska.

I did think so and I do not want to make an important statement here, that it would be fun, and it would certainly earn if it (citizenship) got it back.Premier Andrei Babis (YO)

The Czechoslovak citizenship of Kundera has robbed the communist regime of the late 1970s. He has French nationality since 1981 and has lived in France since 1974.

With the idea of ​​regaining Czech citizenship, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš came in connection with his weekend meeting with the writer.

"I thought so, and I do not want to make an important statement here that it would be fun, and it would certainly deserve it if it got it back," Babis said. "I do not know how he gets it, or under what circumstances, but he was once our citizen," he said.

The offer to return Citizenship to Kunder has not responded too much. "It can be said that they have not excluded it," said the prime minister. Kundera said he hoped he would not be as paperwork as in France. "Of course there is a mistake in the past, but we will see," Babis said.

He writes in French

Nine year old Kundera, born in Brno, has not shown much interest in the Czech Republic in recent years. He does not go to his native country, he is sporadically speaking. He also writes his new books in French and does not trust him on Czech translators.

Ten years ago, historian Adam Hradilek drew attention to an archive document that suggested that in 1950 Kundera spoke with Miroslav Dvořáček, a Western agent. An article published by Respect has caused a wave of reactions. The writer strongly opposed the suspicion and even considered the Respekt claim. The Kundera also contained 11 world-famous writers, including four Nobel Prize winners for literature; in a joint statement condemning the case as a "libel campaign".

Kundera is one of the most famous Czech authors. He was best known for his novel Žert z roku 1967, one of the most important pieces of Czech post-war literature. In France, for example, he continued with the Unbearable Lightness of Being (1984) or Immortality (1990), the last book of Kunder written in Czech.

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