Grindelwald with a new TV. Johnny Depp could be replaced by Dn Mads Mikkelsen | Culture

THE ANGELS Actor Johnny Depp was involved with the Warner Bros. studio in connection with the domcho nsil case to give up the role of Ernoknek Grindelwald in films with fantastic invitations. According to new information, he could be replaced by actor Mads Mikkelsen, who only recently appeared to a Czech girl in the movie Booze.

Fantastick zvata they are next to the magician and Harry Potter. Their director David Yates is a big fan of Mads Mikkelsen, so he was chosen. However, the agreement between the parties has not yet been reached.

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Mikkelsen appeared in daytime films and series, not even in American productions. They made him visible beforehand Hannibal a bondovka Casino generous. But don’t forget your Nordic colleagues and you appeared in a well-reviewed movie She or most recently in dnsk ernohumornm dramaDrink.

Johnny Depp gives me this tip Fantasticch is calling ideal after a single day. But he gets paid a hundred for the whole movie. Another problem is the contract with Warner Bros., which specifically covers five images from the magic circle.

In recent days, Depp has lost a British tabloid tug of war in court, calling him only a hush in the lazy covers of his tumultuous marriage to actress Amber Heard. The judge ruled in favor of the diary and decided not to apologize. As a result, Depp’s studio asked him to give up the role of Ernoknenko. The actor agreed and published his decisively on the social walls.

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