Hard moments in the wedding at first glance. The bridegroom did not attract the bride

Viewers were able to watch a total of three couples on Wednesday, each at a different stage of the relationship. Natália and František have just returned from their honeymoon in Zanzibar and then learn to live in the same household.

Newlyweds Štěpánka and Pavel went on a honeymoon to Greece, which the couple thoroughly enjoyed. And finally, a new pair stood before the altar. René and Petra. A couple whose spark didn’t jump the first time.

Petra values ​​masculinity of the opposite sex. He thinks he is crazy and weird and can laugh to himself. At first glance, she heard about her niece’s program Svatba, who had seen it on Slovak television. Peter was fascinated by the show and searched the Internet for more information. It was then that she came across a phone call from TV Nova encouraging singles to sign up for this unique experiment. She didn’t hesitate for a moment.

“I think I’m funny and have a sense of humor. I can poke fun at anything. And I fight against suspicion in people,” says Petra.

René likes all kinds of sports. Kickboxing, shooting, gym, gymnastics and so on. But he also likes adrenaline sports, such as skydiving. He likes to learn new things. He said he would leave it to the experts this time. He believes they will find someone who is a perfect fit for him.

“I have feedback from people that I am interesting, sometimes even fun, and that they can learn a lot from me. On the other hand, I would like to have more patience, listen to people more and give them the space”, thinks René .

Wedding at first sight is a romantic show in which love plays a major role. In it, science helps singles find their dream partner, with whom they will meet for the first time at their own wedding.

Carefully selected unmarried daredevils entrusted their fate to experts in psychology and biology. Based on the results of demanding tests, they find a suitable partner for them. All participants underwent psychological examination, DNA compatibility test, olfactory test, and attraction test. From a DNA analysis point of view, partners with the most different DNA structure are best suited.

At first glance, you can watch the wedding every Wednesday at 8:20 PM on TV Nova or a week in advance on Voyo.cz.

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