Harry and Meghan paddled out of the British SDLA behind Queen Albty’s backs. What does that mean?

Goodbye, Britnie

It can’t be clear that Harry and Meghan don’t have to spend time in Britain. And that their claim for about six months in the United States and the kind of halves in the country that Prince Two stuck his neck in a wolf for was ir le.

The similarity between the Sussex couple and Princess Eugeni and her husband means that Frogmore will be the home of Eugenia, and when Harry and Meghan arrive in Britain they will share it with them.

So it is no better that Harry and Meghan only return to Britain for a short time. To make matters worse, according to a Royal Family source quoted by Mail Online, the couple should have secretly removed all their belongings from Frogmore Cottage and sent them to Stt, where you’ll find yourself in a lavish mess in Los Angeles. Angeles lived.

Vans drove there at night and Frogmore was evacuated. It’s a pretty strong sign that they don’t have to go back completely. And e sthovn to Spojench stt permanently,to the source.

Does the queen despise (?)

According to a source from Buckingham, Harry and Meghan have not bothered about an extraordinary decision, as the other couple had previously told the other members of the royal family.

The old members of the royal family soon realized that Harry and Meg had left their message to Eugenia and Jack. Even the queen was apparently announced, and after they agreed, to the source.

Of course, it is not common for one of the royal couples to make a similar decision behind the queen’s walls. But Harry and Meghan clearly don’t want to take any crowns and they will decide for themselves.

Jet vce nenvidni

Yes, it goes under the jet. Under the jet, Harry and Meghan can pull up their sleeves, (far from alone) chew the British public. This time they are secret bullshit with a message they don’t officially belong to at all.

Frogmore Cottage is their home, but officially becomes the property of the Royal Family, which is managed by the Queen. In layman’s terms, too, their guarantees can be compared to a situation where the tenant, out of his whims and behind the landlord’s walls, stands in front of someone else.


Bval televizn hereka Meghan Markle, Prince Harry a krlovna Albta

After all the reconstruction, which they had millions poured out of the pockets of the citizens so that they wouldn’t use the saddle at all, many people consider it a provocation.

Harry and Meghan don’t know Frogmore, they certainly don’t have the first to give it to someone or decide who will live there. It is owned by the king and only the queen decides who will reside there, as with other such posts. And furthermore, it is not surprising to me that she does not want to go there. a discussion that sums up everyone else’s thoughts below one of the exciting discussions on the front of Frogmore Cottage.

New star of the Krlovsk family

In any case, something from a cheerful barrel. Princess Eugenie’s princess, which would take place without Queen Albty’s knowledge, could mean a wind in the old circle of the royal family alone.

Princess Eugenie's wedding, grandson

Marriage of Princess Eugenie, grandchildren of Albty II.

First of all, the princess and her sister Beatrice were spoken of as a couple who could fill the other not only after Harry and Meghan, but also after their own father. This is Prince Andrew, who resigned from public life after his fear in the case of Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile financier was revealed.

Both princesses have their jobs, Eugenie is the director of the gallery and in her spare time she is involved in charity. During the reign, however, the salary is paid for a big favorite, and it looks like she could use it over the royal duties as much as possible over time.

So and after what pleased Eugenie, in the fifth year on the eve of the first offspring.

By moving to Frogmore Cottage, Queen Albta has her favorite grandson on hand. It is less than a mile from Windsor Castle, where it takes time to stay locked with Prince Philip.

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