Historical painter on the shooting range. The Czech biathletes alternated the relay with seven penalty laps

Petr Slavík / Czech biathlon

A total of 21 relays were presented, of which the Swedes managed the introductory part best. But Jessica Jislová also did very well, she needed a single extra charge on the shooting range and she also managed to run cross-country, so she passed fifth with a loss of just five seconds to third Italian. “I’d say I got off to a good start. When both items came insanely light to me, they had had enough of their legs by the end, but I left everything on the track,” Jislová told ČT.

Charvátová was very fast on skis, arriving third on the bed of the second section, with only a small loss to Brorsson. Although she had to charge three times, she managed without visiting the penalty round. They kept pace with the Swedish relay race thanks to the perfect recordings from France and Italy.

Lucie Charvátová during the relay.

Vlastimil Vacek, Turn right

Charvátová, who is extremely strong in cross-country skiing, arrived at the shooting range in fifth standing position, just four seconds behind Ukraine. But it absolutely burned out, only eight targets were hit from eight shots !!! The scarecrow of past responsibility resurfaced, the Czech biathlete completely eliminated. “I tried to be brave, but unfortunately it didn’t work out at all,” she said disappointed.

Hanna Öberg helped the Swedish relay triumph.

Antti Aimo-Koivisto, Reuters

Despite the maximum use of extra ammunition, he had to go to four penalty rounds. Charvátová tried to ease the pain at least a bit on skis and thanks to the second cross-country run she passed tenth in her section, but she was more than two minutes away from the dominant relays of France and Sweden.

Markéta Davidová did her maximum cross-country skiing in the third section, she had the best time on skis in her section and for the second shooting item, she had a real chance of taking the baton to sixth. But the best of the national team didn’t even have three free laps to clean all the goals while standing. Despite the penalty round, she passed ninth to Eva Puskarčíková, a finisher.

Markéta Davidová during the endurance race.

Petr Slavík / Czech biathlon

In the meantime, it was practically decided to fill the stage. The Öberg sisters drew Sweden to gold, the silver went to France and the bronze was attached to Germany by the grand finishing Herrmann.

Moravec improved in the hunter with twenty-five seats. Nora was surprised by a Swedish express train

The last member of the Czech relay shot cleanly and quickly to bed in less than twenty seconds. During the stands she even fought for fourth place, but she succumbed to the atmosphere and could not cope with the wind of various revolutions. She was left with two goals, which meant she circled 300 meters more and dropped to 11th in the finish.

Biathlon World Cup in Kontiolahti – relay 4×6 km:
1. Sweden (Skottheim, Brorsson, E. Öberg, H. Öberg) 1: 12.44.5 (0 + 8)
2. France (Bescond, A. Chevalier-Bouchet, Ch. Chevalier, Braisaz-Bouchet) +9.6 (0 + 9)
3. Germany (Hinz, Preuss, Hammerschmidt, Herrmann) +43.9 (0 + 12)
4. Russia (Pavlov, Kazakevicova, Mironova, Kajsheva) +2: 31.3 (2 + 11)
5. Ukraine (Blašková, Valj Semerenková, Vita Semerenková, Pidhrušná) +2: 39.9 (2 + 9)
6. Italy (Vittozzi, Lardschneider, Wierer, Sanfilipp) +2: 46.6 (0 + 14)
11. Czech Republic (Jislová, Charvátová, Davidová, Puskarčíková) +4: 02.8 (7 + 14)

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