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IMAGE: Peter Jane kicked the curls and started her Christmas tour including concerts with the Philharmonic Orchestra

Prague – Peter Jones has the energy to give away. And now it is clear that he will not stop Christmas. He makes his pre-Christmas tour, with special concerts with the Smichov Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra. The first one is on Wednesday, November 28 in Hybernia, Prague.

The first special concert with the collaboration of both her band Amsterdam and the Philharmonic conducted by Josef Vondráček will be held this Wednesday in the Hybernia theater. Together with the Philharmonic Orchestra this year, Jičín, Přerov and Brno. The cooperation will take place after New Year's Day. In the spring they go on tour together, where more rock songs from Ota Petřina can be heard.

While the first half of the Christmas concerts will be pure rock and the biggest hits will be heard, including that of Petra Jan's collaboration with Otto Petřina and last year's CD Flázni, the other half will be in the spirit of Christmas .

"I'm still singing Christmas songs, I have to refresh everything, I'm really looking forward to it because it's different from what I'm used to, and especially my fans, and I promise to enjoy it together", says Petra Janů, who after a different haircut for a few months. "Curls left, there was enough, so the audience will see me again in my original form," the three golden celebration revealed.

"Pepa Vondráček of the Smichov Philharmonic arranged my songs, like Jama, I am no longer free, but a substantial part of our performance consists of Christmas songs and Christmas carols.The sweet is a Pepa which is arranged on a day that is not very good. I wish the concerts were mainly about the feeling that, although strange things happen around us, the audience will sing with me and we will be beautiful, " said the singer.

"My latest album Fool has returned to her rock essence, the creation of which was initiated by the Amsterdam group, better known as Roman Štefl, who once asked me by telephone if I wanted to try it, I asked them to learn some of my songs and to tell their idea … When I played them, I knew it was exactly what I needed, " she said.

The pre-Christmas tour that Petra Janů goes to this year, counts for twenty concerts and performs at a number of other events, including balls that wait until the end of March next year, as well as a number of singers, because the ball season is always the top of autumn to spring.


"I will spend Christmas with friends and family in relaxation and relaxation to get new strength for the following year.At the beginning of the old and the new year I still go out with my friends in the Maldives in the sun and the sea , and then I'll be here a while back, " she added with a smile, the well-adjusted Peter Jones, who regularly sails to the sea to Greece in the summer and the last few years for a relaxing one-week stay at the Spa in Šumava, where she is spoiled.

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