In the NHL they were judged to the second most recent history

David Pastrk from Boston is looking forward to the Glu in the Winter Classic with Chicag.

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Tradin novoron utkn NHL hockey championship "Winter Classic" this year was played at Notre Dame Stadium in India, where Boston was rewarded with a 4: 2 over Chicago over the top two in history. Points scored by David Pastrk (1 + 1) with David Krejm (0 + 1), once assisted by David Kmpf.

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Since 2003, when the NHL, in the fight against Edmonton and Montreal, was the first major event outside the ice hockey arena, it has become a tradition. Leton novoron Winter Classic was the 26th time of that shit and wrote a tune of a dog in history.

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In the 2018/19 season, the Stadium Series will take place between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and will be held in the following year when they will go into duels: June 2019 Winnipeg vs. Calgary, the newborn Winter Classic 2020 will be in Dallas and NorwStadium Series 2020 in Colorado. Their soup jets have not been confirmed.

The duel Chicago with Boston at the Notre Dame Stadium in India, where 76,126 girls went to the University of American football. This is the second most prominent in the history of the NHL, with the record of Dr Winter Classic in 2014. At the Michigan Stadium Toronto in Detroit Duel with 105,491 dives. We have questions about Blackhawks with Bruins, all David David.

The first time was David Kmpf (14:49, 0 + 1, +1, 1 stela) happy, just 9 minutes away he did a great job behind the edge. Turner Torey Kruga withdrew and was arrested between the circles of the free Brendan Perlini.

But then David Pastrk (19:44, 1 + 1, +/-: 0, 6 stella) was caught in the bag. The best star and also the most productive countryman in the world has earned the first two stars. Patrice Bergeron Park and the Hawthorne Rods were beaten 13 minutes under Cama Ward Concrete for their 24th season – 1: 1.

When Dominik Kahun sprinted in 32 minutes, he recruited Esc 88 again. Tentokrt has placed a star behind the assistant, with a 2: 2 rebound of brncho for Bergeron on free wheel.

Elitns downtown Boston could have been the target for the joy of the pot, which only prevented him from defeating Kmpf. The condition of the house could break into the tent, but did not use it twice. They finally rejoiced. 51 minutes in, Sean Kuraly received a free kick. In 60 minutes Brad Marchand went to David Krejho (17:15, 0 + 1, +/-: 0, 3 stars) and secured the cage.

The results:


8:30 am Perlini (Kmpf, Sikura)
31:24 Kahun (E. Gustafsson, J. Toews)


12:38 Pastrk (Bergeron)
38:48 Bergeron (Pastrk, Krug)
50:20 Kuraly (Wagner, Grzelcyk)
59:28 Marchand (Krej)

C. Ward (Delia) E. Gustafsson, Keith, Seabrook, Forsling, C. Murphy, Dahlstrm Kahun, J. Toews (C), Saad P. Kane, D. Strome, Anisimov Sikura, Kmpf, DeBrincat Martinsen, Krger, Perlini .

T. Rask (Halk) Carlo, Chra (C), J. Moore, Krug, K. Miller, Grzelcyk Pastrk, Bergeron, Marchand Forsbacka-Karlsson, Krej, DeBrusk Wagner, Kuraly, Heinen Acciari, Cave, Nordstrm.

decision: Francis Charron, Eric Furlatt, Bryan Pancich, Matt MacPherson

Closer divk: 76 126

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