It is bad at the front. Perhaps the new coach will lift us up, hoping for the Slovakian Kalabiska

A week ago in Příbram as a substitute played 3: 0 win against three points, but against Liberec, but the wing Jan Kalabiska and the rest of the team failed.

An experienced 31-year-old midfielder believes that Slovácko footballers will return Saturday's defeat of the Slavs on Thursday, while the MOL Cup will be played under the Ještěd program.

"It's a different competition, probably another set, and there will be a new coach who will give the team a new impetus: the competition will be diametrically different from the competition," says Sokola Libiš.

The former player Příbram, Karviná or Senice did not solve the fate, he was more interested in the scene of the match. This time he did not want the lotto of the players from Uherské Hradiště because he had to leave. & # 39; I did not care who we had. But traveling is not pleasant, "says Kalabiška.

Moreover, the Slovaks can not go against Liberec for a long time. Northern Bohemia only defeated three times in history. The last five years ago. "An unfavorable balance has to break, maybe we're going forward," he hopes a high-ranking midfielder or defender.

Moravians must concentrate better in the cup match and avoid unnecessary mistakes in the defense. "Even now we got a goal from a standard situation that was not even dangerous." Everyone knows that the balloon will go right or left for defense, and yet we do not look at it, "curled Kalabiška's head.

Slovácko could not respond to the head of the club Nešického, 0: 1 was at home and FORTUNA: LEAGUE remained the fourteenth. The good mood after the victory in Příbram is again a joke.

The person who expected a quick improvement had to be disappointed. The Moravians continue to suffer as a result of the game. "We did not do well in Příbram", remembers Kalabiska. "Maybe it had some parameters in the second half and we had a number of goals, but it was not the game, we are not, we always get the first goal and shake, we've lost a lot," he adds to it.

It is just a cheap goal that the young team is getting smaller. "I believe that if we give the first goal, it will fall from us like in Příbram," Kalabiška said.
The Slovaks can not do it. Spring successful campaign has long been forgotten. In the autumn, mourning and moody mood returned to the stadiums of Miroslav Valenty's stadium. The team does not score and loses points. "We are not courageous and empathetic at the age of 16. It is bad at the front," says Kalabiska.

Healing Moravians came from Jihlava coach Martin Svědík, who replaced the temporary trainer Petr Vlachovský. Under his command, the team won only three points in four games. "The coach thanked us, they believe it turns around, we are not the worst in this game, unfortunately the losses are being charged", sorry Kalabiška. The new coach spent a while in Mladá Boleslav. Then he went to Karvina. So he will meet the Svědek again in the Slovak Republic. "He was good at me, man, even the training was good," says an experienced footballer.

He looks forward to working with a reputable expert. "He will pick us up," he wishes. In Uherské Hradiště they saw a match with Liberec for the first time. "He is very enthusiastic about tactics, maybe we drink it and we do not get cheap targets and the attacking superstructure will come," Kalabiška hopes.

According to him, very Uherské Hradiště can also enjoy a representative break. "Maybe we get some coaching with the coach and we have more time to get our game open and explain what he wants us to do," he adds.

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