Iva Pazderkov: I always cry too much for children

I had to prove to myself that I could fulfill my dream. once in a lifetime I give you something that cannot be expected. Preparing for the fitness competition was difficult. It is a sport and it requires rigorous discipline, a determined and mental process, Iva Pazderkov described in an interview with Honza Ddek.

Hereka didn’t even touch alcohol at pt msc. The last time I was so annoyed was in my old years. I hoped I wouldn’t like it then, but unfortunately my alcohol tasted good, she admitted she celebrated the shower in competition with a meal.

My friend and I went to a lush road, where you pay Paul and eat what you dream. I don’t think I paid for them, laughs Pazderkov, who met her friend years ago during a recorded music show.

We are not married yet, I am a bit conservative. I have to shake hands first to get married. In addition, I got divorced twice, to an actress who was married to a colleague Luboe Veselho and a whole series of marriages to Luke Pavlsk.

11.jna 2020 at 5:36 pm, pspvek archive: November 24, 2020 at 2:11 pm

Lubo is my mother’s age. Nai was surprised because I said he was ten years old. Manelstv nm two years. It was a time of marriage with Luk Pavlsk. We met on the stand-up, she was recently divorced and he is extremely intelligent and loving. We got married, and then we found out that our shit brothers shouldn’t be cheeky. We were together like this, ma’am. I was about twenty-eight years old, remember Iva Pazderkov.

She also spoke about the baby on the talk show. I am a lot of kids but I stayed in a partnership where I was left alone. I am happy and satisfied and I have the same ideas with my partner about the future, Pazderkov added.

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