Ivan Mládek mourns: his teammate has been killed by a corona virus!

Ivan Mládek lost the opportunity to perform because of the pandemic, but he was much more frozen by another loss. One of his longest closest associates has passed away today.

Ivan Mládek said goodbye to one of the members of his band on the social network yesterday. Band leader, guitarist and singer František Prošek († 79) died. According to the idnes.cz website, the cause of his death was a coronavirus.

“I’m not only sorry because he was one of my few friends and that I had many wonderful, unrepeatable moments with him, both on stage and in my private life. But also because I have never had such a humble, reliable and especially have known eternally optimistic musician during my pilgrimage to the music world ”, Mládek said on Facebook.

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In addition to working with him, Prošek also worked as a Kapellmeister for the Mustangs. As the popular singer pointed out, during their concerts he got the first chance to test his entertaining lyrics and songs.

He also contributed to our repertoire with some of his lyrics, which we still perform, such as the song ‘Když je v Praze hic’. I was happy when Franta returned to the Banjo Band a few years ago, it’s a shame he gave us one last ‘parachute’ so quickly and unexpectedly. We will miss it significantly, ”added Mládek.

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