Jan ensk vv continuation of Ordinace. He encourages fans to protest, so he cares about the future

Patnct late. For so long, the main heroes of the Surgery in the Gardens had entertained television girls. But it will soon be over. The creators of the series announced in time that the cult series will disappear from the TV screens at the end of spring, and it seems that Jan ensk can not laugh. He sz in resistance division.

You nod gave a revolution they would sign petition for the surgery, that would be from the girl’s response, as Maradona once did, svil se Denku Aha! Czech Republic, which relies on New Day management in public currency.

He didn’t think it would be the first time that the end of a project was announced, but then it came from him.

The Olympians said several times it would be over, and they had concerts among them, so it was your marketing move and the operation was going to take a long time here, hope a woman who revealed that I will no longer sink completely into the hole and you hope it will continue. And he cannot be surprised.

He worked for the sun on the series and would eventually lose millions of earnings. In one day he would have twelve thousand crowns if he had that much time and for one hundred eight hundred thousand crowns. And that’s it, you absolutely don’t want to drink from it.

And the woman now became afraid that he did not know what to do with him.

It is a complication and in the spring it is going to mountain. Pemlm, what dl. Most of my disciplines have peruilaus in this coronavirus hysteria. Moderovn, theater, seminars and television, it’s not you Zbv mi u jen rdio. It’s been drunk over the water but don’t pay the mortgage so I guess what I could pay for it He was a member of eXtra.cz, a Czech who was able to drink for seven years during the operation and for 12 million kroner before tax.

With that in mind, he isn’t surprised that he initially missed him so much at the end of the series.

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