Krmenkv did not want to sit down with his teammates. And so he missed against Dortmund

Emmanuel Dennis (Bruges) celebrates the goal to St. Zenit St. Petersburg kneeling in the style of the movement Black lives matter. Next to him is co-star Clinton Mata.
| photo: Reuters

Coach Philippe Clment did not want to explain the information from the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws at the front of the press conference, but only confirmed that the Nigerian footballer had not been nominated for disciplinary reasons.

Dennis, 21, said he could not be on the bus in the city due to coronavirus measures and the need to keep his distance. After a long time, Krmenkv ran out of the team from the bus and did not travel to Germany at all.

During a press conference, Clment confirmed that Dennis is medically ill and that disciplinary action has been taken. He didn’t follow club rules, I want to honor that. I’d rather focus on the game available, Clment said.

Dennis, only since 2017 in Bruggch, whistled to the vice of the Belgian club in the water match of this championship competition against St. Petersburg. Last season, Dennis signed a 2: 2 draw with Real Madrid in a European elite competition with two goals.

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