Mazda 3 has surfaced in the Czech Republic! We have prices for all versions

It is rather unfortunate, the world premiere is fourteen days ago, now the European in Prague and the first cars will be in the Czech Republic in February. First of all, it will be a hatchback, and in June it will participate when the two body variants will also sell a breakthrough "petrol". That is, four-cylinder gasoline burning, but in some modes the ignition mixture is not a candle, but a compression heat in a cylinder (a diesel principle). The performance of these two liters must be 181 horses.
After the American premiere we were not sure if the torsion bar pushes the rear suspension with multiple elements in all versions, and today we have learned that this will be the case. We are not afraid of the collision, the novelty of the three-wheel drive is four-wheel drive (the quad is only supplied with the revolutionary Skyactiv-X engine and the hatchback body).
The starter motor is a two liter petrol with a G122 and a power of 90 kW, and then, except for the Skyactiv-X, we only find the diesel D116, the four cylinder eighteenth with an output of 85 kW. You pay for the automatic transmission forty-five thousand and you can buy it for all power units.

The cheapest new Mazda 3 comes to 520,900 CZK, the basic equipment includes sixteen alloy wheels, LED headlights, electric folding and heated door mirrors, head-up display, electric side windows, knee airbag, remote control, rain sensor, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beam switching, rear parking sensors, hassfree bluetooth or navigation. A decent load. I would probably miss only the automatic air conditioning, which is part of the version with the Plus label. You get $ 33,500, and besides the Clima you get an extra 18-inch alloy wheels, heated front seats and steering wheel, front parking sensors and a reversing camera or a dimming mirror. And then there are only the GT and GT Plus specifications, which put an end to the assessment of the gears. With the package offer, however, the new Troika has been upgraded to 66 versions, the predecessor had to make forty. The possibilities for individualisation must therefore be broader.

Dedicated eighteenth comes to at least CZK 574,900, Skyactiv-X pays at least CZK 603,400, surcharge for sedan is equal to 0 CZK. And last but not least, we have a quad in the hatchback, the original GT equipment and a manual for 668,400 CZK. That should be right now.
The new life is really extraordinary, especially thanks to the huge C-style, which can look a lot like the photos, but thanks to it it is really a muscular. The hatchback looks so much like a coupe, the three are just as widespread at the back. This car will certainly not be overlooked. But I looked back on my back seat, my legs still had enough positions, but my head was just as good and the prospect was … Let's say, very modest. Sitting at the back, I would not really notice that the hatchback has a length of 4459 mm and the wheelbase 2725 mm. Such a load for beauty.
But I have to say that Mazda's approach is refreshing. While some brands feel asleep and the meter to cut the desired arrival of electric cars when introducing new models, Mazda still talks about driving, petrol, diesel … Sympathetic.

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