Muddy threats did not work, again crowds in the cities. Schiller threatens lockdown

Shops and restaurants opened on Thursday and Mikuláš followed on the weekend. The Czech Republic has certainly not won the fight against the pandemic, but after the measures have been relaxed, it seems that people have completely forgotten some safety rules and distance.

Otherwise, it’s impossible to understand the gigantic front across the whole street in Brno for the bursting club, crowds at Stodolní in Ostrava, and crowds (including children) at Prague’s Old Town Square. And these are certainly not all places where larger groups of people have met since the measures were last released.

Health Minister Jan Blatný threatened to demand millions of fines from restaurants that failed to comply with the rules on Saturday. “The police repeatedly went to illegally opened restaurants and clubs at night. Despite the warnings, the businesses did not close and were often open until morning. I will demand heavy fines in the order of millions of crowns,” said the minister.

This is what it looked like Friday night for the club in the center of Brno:

Finance Minister Schiller (for YES) said on the talk show TV Prima on Sunday that if people do not start behaving responsibly, the government will close the shops again. ‘I’ve seen people in restaurants and I can’t believe there were four of them at a table. This could cause the restaurants to close again. It just depends on us what happens next, ”said Finance Minister Alena Schillerová.

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