Musk milkem Germany. In two years it wants to produce pl million cars

When that happens, the world will need twice as much electricity, Musk said. According to him, it is therefore necessary to increase the capacities of solar, wind, but also nuclear energy.

I am not against nuclear energy. Where the threat of a major catastrophe, such as an earthquake, the risk of a core is very low, says Axel Springer, a businessman with South African roots.

In practice, this could be the only but essential issue on which politicians and female Tesla disagree. Years ago, the largest European economy committed to shut down all nuclear power plants in the country years ago. Germany is now laughing at this deadline.

Even though Musk is a guest on the German floor. German Economy and Energy Minister Peter Altmaier said at a recent conference that he is happy that Tesla is a German emblem.

One factory next to another

The car manufacturer in the Brandenburg village of Grnheide to build a gigatovrna on an electric car. time is short and construction has begun, although Musk is not allowed to build yet. The threat that the current work will have to be aborted by the adm, even if the bag is sweating.

Vtina society would not take such a risk, Muska nmeck quotes Die Welt think. But there are many risks associated with Tesla. Those who want to avoid risks should not invest in Tesla.

The plant will be inaugurated for five years and will produce 500,000 cars by 2022, according to Musk. For the European market, Musk wants to develop specific, smaller car models that fit better in the tight European capitals. In the US, cars are in the wind. I was working on my Model X in Berlin and I had a hard time finding a parking space. ekl.

At a conference of the local economy minister, Musk also confirmed that he wants to build a factory in Germany in the near future, this time on battery cells. Altmaier said that Tesla, like any other company that makes car batteries, also has a lot of hefty subsidies.

Musk se nebrn fzi s jinm gerebcem aut

Tesla is the most valuable car manufacturer in the world. The thorn price is $ 209.47 billion, although it is far from one of the most prolific of those. It represented only 0.8 percent of the global car market. In terms of production volume, traditional manufacturers such as Toyota, Volkswagen Group or General Motors are still the first cities in the world. Tesla, on the other hand, does not have the value of all three car manufacturers combined.

Musk beat Gates by the billions to replace him in second place

Even the industry must follow the trends that Tesla udv. For example, the British company General Motors announced that it is engaged in the production of electric cars. He wants to invest $ 27 billion in the development of batteries and autonomous technologies.

There is also talk of whether Tesla is overvalued in the stock market. Prior to the event, Musk recently warned. During the awards ceremony, Axel Springer also noted that he did not rule out a connection between Tesla and another car manufacturer. He would take advantage of such a good position on the stock exchange while making a profit on the car market.

We are definitely not going to start a nephew to take over a business. If someone says they would like to serve at Tesla, we will negotiate with them, he said.

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