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Not executed is over. The new Toyota Supra is officially the world

Konen we have done! After a long story the world has become new, her generation Toyota Supra. The premiere of Djitm was the car show of Detroitsk today, where it was introduced by car manufacturer Akio Toyoda.
Japanese car manufacturer was represented at the debut Toyota Supra the concept is just as sporty, in a form of uncertainty, without compromise, which could reduce the overall joy and potential of the ride. This is primarily the rear-wheel drive and the drive unit in the form of a twin-scroll turbocharged turbocharger. the machine has a capacity of 250 kW and 500 Newton meters of torque. The engine is powered by a self-propelled eight-speed drive and Toyota promises smooth running and immediate acceleration. The unit uses a fuel injector and a smoothing valve.

you can choose between normal and sport modes. Do not miss the Launch Control function with Supra for hundreds in 4.3 seconds. Reim Sport has motor response, zen character, shock absorption and active differential response. In addition, the Stabilizan system can be limited by selecting Track Track. The first active differential is equipped with all Supra for European benchmarks.
Japont claimed to have made a great deal of rivalry for a rigorous sporting performance. The Supra was tested on the iconic Nrburgring and the rugged silos. These include primarily the wheelbase, the wide wheelbase, the low weight and the stiffness of the bodywork.
The design stiffness of the car is higher than that of the Lexus LFA supersport, which is not the case with the GT86 and Toyot, with a 50:50 standard weight distribution. At the front we find McPherson ribs with winding springs and double hinges at the front, at the rear the gear is equipped with a five-part system.
The design of the new generation was the concept of the Toyota FT-1 from Californian CALTY. Coincidentally, this project was shown for the first time at the Detroit Motor Show, but five years ago. A Sriah Supra with internal A90 marking is not attractive. The long bonnet contrasts the overall compact dimensions, giving the car a number of slopes, which meet with the wing and body cover.
Toyota has no idea that this is the third-generation design for the fourth generation of this model. The diodes of LEDs with integrated direction indicators and daylight lighting are very different. Designed for a large sprocket, the European Supers will come up with nine-alloy wheels with alloy wheels with thin beams.

The interior was interrupted by idiots who wanted to enjoy the driving pleasure. The instrument panel is positioned so that the best view through the glass is. Split it with only 8.8 permanent screen, which can be scanned by touching or by remote control in the middle of the console. The display of the same format can be found in the chassis behind the steering wheel instead of the analog cabinets.
The crew was so inspired by the crew. He promises excellent support in arrests, what is the star in the saddle and horns back with the paddles. The seats have integrated head restraints and choose the meme between tradinm alounnm and alcantara.
The esk market will be introduced in Supra, including active alarms, adaptive suspensions, two-stage air conditioning, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry, steering wheel, adaptive headlights, sports seats, an audio system with 10 speakers and so on.
It meant safety. The Supra Safety + package includes a blind spot, a rainbreeze smoke, a monitor behind the vehicle and a wake-up system at the rear.
The first Supra of the next generation will be destroyed at the end of this year. Let's add the new Japanese characters to the rise of Trnava Hradec in Austria. In the first year after the launch of the Supra to the first 900 owners, prices go in January.

Toyota Supra 5th Generation – Technical specifications
Wolves / valves6/4
Line volume[cm[cm[cm[cm3]2998
performance [kW/min]250 / 5000-6500
Toiv moment [Nm/min]500 / 1600-4500
Highest speed [km/h]250 (limited)
Acceleration 0-100 km / h [s]4.3
Dlka [mm]4379
ka [mm]1854
VKA [mm]1292
wheelbase [mm]2470
Follow forwards [mm]1594
Follow at the back [mm]1589
Luggage compartment [l]290
Weight of standby mode [kg]1495
Total weight [kg]1815

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