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Triclosan (triclosan)

Triclosan (triclosan)

Originally it was a pesticide to protect crops with an increased risk. Thus the substance triclosan (sometimes triclosan) was registered. Slowing or stopping the growth of bacteria, fungi and fungi is an effect that can not only be used in agriculture, so triclosan quickly finds its way as an ingredient in household cleaners. Approximately one-year-old estimates indicate that triclosan and its analogues have been found in the middle of soap in the market, in toothpastes, shaving creams, mouthwashes, detergents, … They wear socks, bedding and toys … treated "Anti-allergic pillows" and behind with the improvement of triclosan are not the manufacturers of garbage bags, filter makers and odor waste, credit card manufacturers, …

Researchers were well aware of the fact that they would not stand up to the huge deal and the interlining of links with just one argument. They made the plan devils. They came from the recommendations of the World Health Organization on hygiene and it is said that washing hands takes at least 20 seconds. Then they took the concentration of triclosan, which they added to soaps, shampoos and to dangerous bacterial strains, such as Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella enteritidis.

Prof. dr. Petra Levin:

Prof. dr. Petra Levin: "Triclosan is very stable, the body organisms and the environment are kept for a long time". Washington University St. Louis

It turned out that the maximum concentration legally permitted (0.3%) with the viability of the pathogens has done nothing. Even extending the time from twenty seconds to six hours did not affect the survival of bacteria. It was only after nine hours that the differences in the lifespan of microbes that can cause fatal diseases are statistically significant in the treated group of antimicrobials and untreated. In other words, to allow antimicrobial soap to have a significant effect in reducing the risk of transmission of the infection, we would put your hands in the sink and put them in the sink and wait until they have not only recorded the whole working time, but still an hour to make overtime. Even then he would not have to end with all pathogens. We have discussed the experiment here in detail.

If it was just a misleading advertisement, it could be a hand and say, when someone believes it, it's his thing. There is a growing number of studies that show the harmfulness of triclosan. It is easily converted into dioxins and thus works in the body as a hormonal disruptor, even in small concentrations. In other words, there is more to it than just that "if it does not really help".

Funny information about the ineffectiveness of triclosan spread rapidly among people. When they leaked the knowledge and its harmfulness, the authorities had to take action. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a ban on its use in soaps and the protection of the surface of meat products. Nor has the European Commission agreed to prohibit the use of triclosan in plastic packaging intended for the distribution and preservation of foodstuffs. This is a bit complicated for us, because the European Court of Justice has a somewhat peculiar opinion and at the request of the triclosan (microban) packaging manufacturer has canceled its decision of the European Commission.

Benzalkonium chloride - one of the replacement triclosan.

Benzalkonium chloride – one of the replacement triclosan.

It is good to add that in the case of triclosan the paragraphs have also been tightened in the US. Although the American FDA has forbidden triclosan to use antibacterial soaps, if the manufacturer ceases to say that it is an antibacterial preparation (this does not mean "antibacterial"), the sale of such a preparation is not controlled by the FDA, but by the environmental agency. So it happened that the ban actually made only about 19 preparations. To minimize these absurdities, the ban was limited to household products. The use of soap in hospitals, restaurants, … is not applicable.

Bad language claims that the sale of products with triclosan has not suffered, and the truth is that 75% of Americans have it in the urine. It is not so much about soap and shampoos, but about adding it everywhere. Inu manufacturers are reluctant to hand in substances that extend their shelf life … In contrast to European cats, the American states have their own rules and in the case of triclosan the game has already been strengthened by the state of Minnesota and probably will soon be another being added . Reasons for this are all the more.

As a hormone disruptor, triclosan interferes with thyroid, testosterone and estrogen and is associated with problems such as early puberty, poor sperm quality, infertility, obesity and cancer. If the human organism reacted to triclosan as in experimental animals, we must add the discomfort of the microbe and the inflammation of the intestinal mucosa to its tricks. What is worse, is that it supports the apoptosis of the nerve cells of the cerebral cortex, and mischief is also in the hippocampus, which in experimental rats is reflected in a deterioration of the results in tests of spatial memory.

If a memory disorder seems to be somewhat, we add the results of the newest Washington University in St. Louis. They specialize in bactericidal antibiotics. Their attempt was simple. They exposed the bacteria to the effects of bactericidal antibiotics and subsequently monitored their survival. Half of the bacterial samples were exposed to triclosan. While antibiotic treatment survived for about twenty hours over a bacterium in a million. The number of survivors of Triclosan increased to one in ten. In other words, it allowed bacteria to escape almost certain deaths, with the tolerance for a whole range of antibiotics.

Corey Westfall, the first author of the research:

Corey Westfall, the first author of the study: "Triclosan causes tolerance to antibiotics and reduces treatment success". Washington University St. Louis.

As we mentioned earlier, triclosan has 75% of adult Americans in the urine (this should be similar). Ten percent of them have a level that is so high that they already dampen the growth of bacteria. This raises the question of whether this reduces the efficacy of treatment for infections of the genitourinary canal, which are very tiring.

To this end, the researchers carried out another experiment in which the mouse patients with a urinary tract infection played a major role. Half of them drank triclosan to drink as much as the Americans had in the urine. Both groups were treated with the highly effective antibiotic Ciprofloxacin (a fluoroquinol antibiotic used to treat severe urogenital infections). Mice exposed to triclosan had 100 times more bacteria in the urine after treatment. This is really a lot and it shows how exposure to triclosan worsens the prospects of healing in situations where we need antibiotics to get us.

Impressed by the evidence of the unfortunate consequences of the use of triclosan, it is also possible to expect us to draft legislation. The question is whether it will yield something for consumers. Manufacturers already have refunds. Benzethonium chloride, benzalkonium chloride and other compounds whose molecules are very similar to triclosan. So it all comes back to the beginning and it will be checked if we have just moved from the rain under the eaves. Only research can provide the necessary arguments to which the institutions can respond.

The affair with triclosan has not gone unnoticed. Shopkeepers are more careful. For products that have recently been bombarded containing tricosan, the information about what they contain is removed from the labels. Perhaps waiting for us is a time when the composition of the products will be a "production secret". Relying on the protection of some central institutions is tempting, but illusory. The reasons why it can not work are very many. Manufacturers are always a step ahead for risk-based research. Legislation, which & # 39; two steps backwards & # 39; is, and when officials are convinced of transitional periods, these steps are more than a good deal. There is not much for the consumer, but we are not completely impotent. We are what the "purchasing power" is called and the secret of manufacturers can react with suspicion.


If you take the trouble to protect yourself against bacteria, try something without a triclosan and its camouflage in the form of Microban, … Perhaps because the report from the University of Washington says: "We promised Triclosan to take care of us. are bacteria, but actually ensure that they can survive with a more effective antibiotic treatment. "


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