Pavel Trávníček (70) in tears: COVID TAKED A LOVED VOMAN

The prince of the mother-in-law from the fairy tale Three Nuts for Cinderella was taken to hospital by doctors with pneumonia at the end of last week. ‘My mom was at home for a week, thinking she had the flu, it was nothing. Today she was taken to Prostějov hospital with a covid and pneumonia, ‘wrote Monika (35) last Thursday. Paul and his wife thought he would get away with it. But Tuesday morning brought the most painful news!

“Today the world has collapsed!” Trávníčková expressed her feelings on Facebook and did not comment on her status for hours. How hundreds of people reading Monika’s sentence confirmed to the daily newspaper Aha! Trávníček itself. Monica’s mother has passed away. Oh yeah! The legendary actor answered our direct question. According to our findings, at the time of the deadline for this release, he would take his wife and his family to Moravia, where he now handles all the essentials and the final goodbye.

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She treated the sick

Monika Trávníčková’s mother worked in a sanitary facility, where she came into daily contact with infected people. “It is a very tiring and stressful period for these people in the health and social services and they have my great admiration and I thank them very much for their help. You deserve a reward,” Monika wrote while still in hospital. .

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