Prague gets a budget deficit –

The investment is intended for CZK 18,24 billion and the money will be transferred to the reserve and will not be paid out to the individual projects until the beginning of next year. This year, Prague approved a budget with a turnover of 54.1 billion and a spending of CZK 70.3 billion. Deficit also covers the city from its own sources and government contributions. The investment was set at 16.8 billion.

"The budget is a framework in which we will move and change during the course of the year, and we will work responsibly with the changes and the recordings", said deputy mayor Pavel Vyhnánek (Prague Sobě). According to him, for example, the municipality wants to stop the increase in current expenditure in recent years.

In terms of income, the city receives the most money from taxes, namely 58.65 billion. Non-tax revenues will reach almost half a billion kroner. Another part consists of so-called transfers, which include, for example, repayments of loans or income from economic activities.

There will be more than 20 billion traffic

The current cost of the city is about 59.33 billion crowns, which is about five billion more than this year. The largest amount is for transport, more than 21 billion crowns. Almost 15 billion has been spent on education.

In the field of investments, for example, it is currently planned to carry about CZK 965 million and for education 417.5 million. Most of the money, about 14.5 billion crowns, will be in reserve and council members and deputies will decide on it next year.

Last year, the economy of Prague ended with a surplus of 7.45 billion crowns

The investment area has criticized the opposition most. In order to place larger amounts in the reserve, they suggested to YES representatives at the beginning of the meeting to get the budget off the agenda. The representatives eventually refused. In the debate, the reserve was called a bianco check or a black hole. He did not agree with the statements Vyhnánek. "This is not a black hole, it will not be the decision of the money itself.The expertise of the board is very small when approving investments," he said.

The deputy chairman of the Prague ODS, Tomáš Portlík, then presented to the representatives a list of 74 changes in current expenditure and 214 in the capital. "The counter-proposal does not interfere with the proposed budget revenues: the counter-proposal only concerns the overall change in current operating costs and the design of individual investments", said Portlik. He has proposed changes, particularly in the areas of housing, transport, education and infrastructure. The representatives of his counter-proposal did not approve.

The city's share will total $ 5.76 billion. Of the total, CZK 905 million is contributed to the public administration. Most money will be made by big city districts from Prague 1 to 22, together more than four billion. The largest and most populous Prague 4 receives 425.2 million. On the other hand CZK 1.7 million comes from the budget in the smallest district of Nedvězí.

Last year, Prague's economy ended with a surplus of CZK 7.45 billion. The turnover amounted to 77.76 billion and the costs amounted to CZK 70.31 billion. The investment amounted to CZK 12.4 billion. The economy was affected by higher tax revenues.

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