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REVIEW: Really a tribute to Vondrkov? The Musketeer of the Mandrake fell to the bottom

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Those adult men come in their nylons, one of them gets both legs in one of his pants, so that the rather suspicious man fixes him under his waist. Devtasedmdestilet actor squatted for cheering applause with his ass to the audience. Polonah muscling propn pae and fun with chest muscles.

Similar scenes that would fit into the most desperate intercabaret were called the Little Thing Little Thing at the newest Broadway Theater.

Author & # 39; s hitzikl z dlny Radka Balae follows thematically on Mdl & # 39; s prince and as r, that is to say pieces prepared according to the writings Vclava Necke and Karel Gott respectively. The current Kvtek mandragora, a summary of the work of Helena Vondrkov, underlines the downward trend of this line. While the Prince of Mdl could be proud of a fairly pleasant feeling and a pleasant retro atmosphere, he was in fact the name and hits of Karel Gott. The Little Mandrake is the best scene and the Sun Company (including Dreamgirls), but it doesn't save anything.

Just like Gott, Vondrkov has popped his work from the early years to the present day. In principle, it is not possible to create a consistent style on such a varied mix of style and mood. The cars with the bag on Broadway do not make a fool of themselves, or Vondrkov, when they were so dazed that they would be ashamed of their wheels. The head of Mandrake is a gem that decides to steal a criminal from the city's criminals to improve the financial situation. So he fills with his brother and the homeless (what is the reason to inoculate the red eye and the Pejd Jordn, the homeless are back at the hoc garbage bin) behind the singers and the mafia oloup. Pbh navc supports similar dialogues: the only way to get it is by putting a trap on it, surprisingly starting when you have to move it.

Kvtek mandragory

theater Broadway

Premiere May 13, 2019

Rei: Radek Bala

starring: Miroslav Etzler / Sagvan Tofi / Jaromr Nosek. Ale Hma / Michal Novotn / Bronislav Koti. Josef Carda / Richard Genzer / Jaromr Nosek. Vs. Adla Gondkov / Ivana Jireov. Jana Boukov / Jaroslav Obermaierov. Vs. Nelly ehoov / Elika Trtkov / Ines Ben Ahmed. Yvetta Blanaroviov / Radka Fiarov. Jan Peuil / Josef Laufer / Rudolf Kubk. Michaela Gemrotov / Albeta Bartoov / Elika Ochmanov. Felicita Prokeov / Marianna Polykov / Kateina Klausov. Vs. Elika Ochmanov / Veronika Zelnkov / Elika Bukov. Pavlna uriaov / Linda Finkov. Ladislav Spilka / Book Slezek / Ondej Bbor and gave

Rating:20 %

To hit hit musician hunter with a large amount of perspective, you have to, e hard is nothing else to please amusement. Yet they should at least show the public a little honor and not underestimate their ability to recognize the pigs from the quarry. The scene where the three actresses Etzler, Hma and Nosek, Milka and Malovan, are waiting for the women. Ovem observes a long minute with a remaining trnink, where everyone in tepkovkch bhaj po pdiu, hekaj and in almost failing pj pse ptele mm, to be ml for km jt, really passes judgment.

The girl man thinks about what the car of the original music would be, Lennon and McCartney. Even if it is true, Lennon ml absurd humor is decent.

Only a mole of npv can be heard from them, their base is just down, nothing as big as a change from a snorkel in a girl's ear. Ultimately the ultimate interpretation of the Two Little Kdel. A great moment is the honor of Jaroslav Obermaierov, because the reason for the recording. The question is whether we can really honor Helena Vondrkov and how he will prepare himself to form a musical that will combine the writing of Waldemar Matuka.

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