Sea buckthorn is a miracle against viruses and cancer. How do you prepare it?

In the past, every rural herbalist knew him, and the curative power of sea buckthorn was appreciated in ancient Greece. But sea buckthorn is gaining prominence again, mainly because of its positive effects on building immunity. It also relieves irritated digestion or acne-prone skin. The advantage of sea buckthorn is the variety of uses.

It is usually harvested in the fall, but it doesn’t hurt the frost, you can pick fresh sour fruit even now. The fruit can be cooked, or frozen drycan oil be prepared from it, syrup, jam or dry powder.

You can also make great tea from sea buckthorn. “Pour two teaspoons of dried sea buckthorn fruit with a quart of boiling water, let it stand for 10-15 minutes, then strain it over a cloth squeezed out so you don’t lose any of its valuable natural substances,” advises herbal and natural medicine. expert Hana Jánská.

Viruses and bacteria have no chance

Sea buckthorn benefits overall vitality and defense and helps the body fight even the currently raging viral illnesses, but it also has antibacterial effects. Orange balls are a rich storehouse of vitamin C, but they also replenish vitamins A, B, D, E, F and K. They are an important source of potassium and iron from minerals.

It can provide relief from rhinitis or scratching in the throat. “It is particularly suitable for improving the condition of the mucous membrane and for removing bacteria and viruses Sea buckthorn oil. You can also combine it with grapefruit or divisin oil, which are also suitable for mucosal regeneration, ”advises herbalist Jarmila Podhorná. Best bet on cold-pressed oil, it retains the most nutrients.

It helps with pain and blood circulation

Sea buckthorn oil, which you buy in pharmacies and stores with natural supplements, soothes other inflammatory diseases, mild swelling and has a regenerating effect. And it also helps with pain. It will relieve painful backs or joints. In addition, it can be used both internally and externally, so it is also suitable for lubricating and heating problematic areas. It also has a positive effect on blood circulation, literally pouring energy back into your veins.

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Fresh fruits have many uses, you can grind them and add them to a hot drink as well as face masks

It strengthens the heart, fights cancer

Sea buckthorn in the diet and in the form of various dietary supplements helps to fight against tumors and diseases of the cardiovascular system, the greatest threats to today’s civilization. Strengthens and strengthens blood vessels. However, it also aids in the recovery and prevention of a number of common diseases.

Sea buckthorn is good for the psyche

It also has a positive effect on the central nervous system and dampens the devastating effects of mental stress on the body. It also helps with depression. The psyche testifies mainly because of the content of so-called hippophein, which is converted in the body into a hormone for a good mood. serotonin. Thus, it can free the body from melancholy to some extent even without chemistry.

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Watch out for thorns during harvest. It is ideal to cut the fruit with a sprig and let it freeze, then they go down more easily

Soothes the digestive system and stomach ulcers

The composition also contributes to a healthy digestion, but also relieves acute problems or stomach ulcers. It has a healing effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive system, so it can relieve even persistent digestive problems and hypersensitivity.

An elixir of beauty and eczema

It benefits the skin quickly and extensively (how are you prepare simple ointment). It can handle any skin damage, repair minor wounds, burns, blisters, frostbite. It can also help with skin diseases such as acne or various eczema.

It generally brightens and cleanses the skin thanks to its natural detoxifying effects and, due to its routine content, can also get rid of unflattering red veins. You can add pureed fruit or sea buckthorn powder to your favorite mask not only for the skin but also for the hair.

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