Spicy triangle! Verstappen was confused by the beautiful daughter of the F1 legend

Dutch Formula 1 star Max Verstappen is no longer single. At least that’s what the local media claim, which freshly links the Red Bull pilot to model Kelly Piquet, the gorgeous daughter of Brazilian F1 legend, 68-year-old eighties three-time world champion Nelson Piquet.

Instagram Kelly Piquetové

Twenty-three-year-old Max Verstappen is no newcomer to relationships. He had a relationship with the Swedish racer Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulin, the Belgian model Joyce Godefridi, the Dutch blogger Roos van der AA or even ice hockey player Maximé Pourquié. The last time Dilara Sanliková, a Munich student, was seen by his side. In October, however, Verstappen admitted to the Nürburgring GP during one of the television interviews that the relationship had ended.

And now? Has Kelly Piquet, an eight-year-old Brazilian, captured his heart? The third man in the ongoing classification of this year’s Formula 1 World Championship and the winner of nine Grand Prix has not yet officially confirmed this. But the Dutch media claim that it is hand in sleeve …

If their claims are confirmed, it’s a relatively tough affair. The charming Kelly has a one-year-old girl Penélope with Daniil Kvjat, a Russian F1 driver who was her life partner until the end of last year. And Kvjat does not need Verstappen at all. In May 2016, he had to quit a job with the then young 18-year-old Dutch man in Red Bull and return to his sister stable, Toro Rosso. Today, Verstappen’s rival is driving the Alpha Tauri monopost.

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