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The conflict of interests of Babiš is his most vulnerable place, so he offends, Pirates responds – Novinky.cz

With words about dilettante and neo-marxis, the prime minister threw himself at the pirates after they announced Friday morning that they would take action against the European Commission for failing to act in the case of Babis of possible conflict of interest.

"These modern Marxists probably have no better program than to set up the Czech Republic and its premiere in Brussels and make the country a total disgrace," Babiš said in response, burrowing in the leadership of Prague with the words of a " full of dilettants ".

According to Bartoš, Babiš's reaction only shows that he has no idea how the processes work within the European institutions. "We go to court for the European Commission's inaction, not for the Prime Minister's actions. The Prime Minister's response merely shows that his European conflict of interest is one of his most vulnerable places," said Bartoš, head of the Pirates.

The issue of the conflict of interest of the Czech Prime Minister
In 2018, a suspicion that Babiš violated the EU conflict of interest regulation last year was issued by Transparency International Czech Republic. According to her, Babiš can influence the company even after the Agrofert holding has been deposited in the trust funds, while at the same time having a first influence on the negotiations on the shape of the European budget and the distribution of European subsidies in the Czech Republic. Babiš has long since rejected refusals to influence Agrofert.

"Every other prime minister in a mature democracy is said to have resigned for a long time. It is Andrej Babiš in particular who makes the Czech Republic a total disgrace," added Bartoš.

Boletus: I correct Krnáčová's mistakes

The fact that Pirates are a set of "complete dilettants" is best demonstrated by current Prague management, according to Babiš, where neither transport nor construction works.

The Pirates counter argued that it was Prague's previous four-year leadership, led by the mayor of ANO Adriana Krnáčová, who "caused damage" to the city.

"We do not understand what the Prime Minister in Prague is judging. We are currently correcting all mistakes made by the previous Prague management led by Adriana Krnáčová and sweeping the skeletons out of the closet," Mayor Zdeněk Hřib responded.

According to him, the planned schedule of repairs has been consistently implemented in transport, the city has to deal with the issue of free city dwellings or the construction of the Metro D and also has to do with compensation for victims after the fall of the Troja footbridge.

You were also in central government. "We are solving the shortage of teachers' salaries. Specifically, we have added a billion to their salaries because the state cannot value their work sufficiently. A similar problem to education has now been created by the government in the system of financing social work, which "We need to redo it for them. On the other hand, Prague is still waiting for the co-financing guarantee or the construction of the Prague circuits," said Hřib Babiš.

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