The loved ones revealed when the first kiss and quarrel with René will be –

At first glance, the new reality show Wedding scores with spectators. Petra drew most of the attention and cried with her lover René shortly after the ceremony. The close-ups of the newlyweds revealed who would dare to kiss for the first time. They also said when they thought the first argument would come.

12.11.2020 21.00 | Written by Michaela Vlčková

The wedding at first glance is a new reality show, where three experts, using science, pair 8 people who have the greatest compatibility. Thanks to this unique experiment, four brave couples will find lifelong love. After the wedding, when they first meet, they go on their honeymoon and try to live a married life for 30 days. The experts’ goal is to create couples who will be happy and satisfied. Can science find the ideal partner? In the case of Petra and René, this does not look like this yet.

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Wedding at a glance

At first glance, the wedding beeps: but unlucky brides are unlucky, divorce is prohibited

Opinions of acquaintances

In the third part, Petra and René said yes to each other. But right during the ceremony it started to crack. Petra didn’t seem excited at all and cried shortly after the wedding. Petra isn’t sure she can handle such a relationship. For her sympathetic René “she misses something and has to find out what it is” before she can see if she can continue. “I’m not completely satisfied, something is bothering me,” she said.

The close-ups of the newlyweds showed when, according to them, the first fight would come.
“I’ll give it a week” said the bride’s friend. The groom’s grandmother thinks the fight will likely come in two weeks. But they could both be wrong. The fight can come much sooner.

In addition, loved ones also said who will initiate the first kiss. The bride’s friends and the groom’s grandmother think it’s from René’s side. The groom’s father thinks it will be reciprocal.

Do René and Petra first get a pet or a child? The bride’s friends think of the pet. The groom’s grandmother, on the other hand, would lean towards the second variation. “Probably no pets. I might want a child.” Grandmother confided in René. “I think they will have two children,” she added.


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