The mother your daughter in Shell has cursed for you: Years of Life in unbearable suffering! –

In 2007 she sent her own daughter to you for her. Bohumila Karásková (75) was hated after she had argued badly for the centenarian in the family. From that moment Alena Horáčková (51) could not stand it. The crown was laid by her mother when she cursed her. It was filled and Alena lived in bad conditions. Bohumila claimed that if she could take everything back, she would not hesitate for a moment!

13. 12. 2018 19.55
Author Zdeněk Drgáč

It was so tense part of the Post that you were there
The Czechs have their mouth wide open, even after 11 years. separately
now it came to light that the curse of Bohumil Karask was
stuffed up. Her daughter Alena
you have reached the bottom!

moderator ester
(45) It was not enough to be surprised when it was sweet
Bohumila teased and screamed throughout the TV studio. "I will curse
I will curse you and your children! "She called to her daughter." Not the first time and not
the last time! "Alena replied.

It is scary that words can have power. So Alena was done
leave. He lives alone with his three dogs in the hostel. It sells it
New Space magazine that helps people who have not hit you
best cards. Since then threatened
that as a result of ugly injury this Christmas will end
, the editors manned her with a collection that brought her from poverty to poverty
for a while.

The biggest mystery remains where her husband Jaroslav Horacek has disappeared.
And why do not her three children care about her. Mrs. Bohumile was everything
I'm so sorry and I'd like to take the rough fight on TV. she
it is not possible.

"It is still a pleasure for me today and I am very sorry, of course I did
she did not mean it! The behavior of my daughter provoked me and made me sick. It was
just emotions, "Karásková daily newspaper Blesk said in 2010." Several times
I offered the daughter a reconciliation, but she did not accept it, "she added sadly
in your eyes.

Or Alena and Bohumil sometimes they wait
mutual reconciliation is unfortunately uncertain.
They run on social networks
speculation that Ms. Bohumila would die two years ago.

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