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The new Rolls-Royce Ghost is coming. It becomes a phantom scale

The intergenerational transformation of the Rolls-Royce range will continue in 2020, the core model.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost has been with us since 2009. If other manufacturers had a 5.4 meter long sedan as the flagship, the manufacturer of luxury cars from Goodwood would be the offer. It is now approaching its intergenerational change, which is planned for 2020.

Ghost will therefore be another representative of the next generation Rolls-Royce after Phantom introduced in 2017 and last year's Cullinan SUV. This means a completely new design that is exclusively reserved for the British king of luxury cars. The Ghost will no longer share the basics with the BMW 7 series, as with the existing design, which has been criticized by many, albeit many changes.

The new architecture that has already been used in Phantom and Cullinan is aluminum, which should benefit the weight of the car. Not that the new Ghost should fall down, but a lighter construction will help to build modern, heavy equipment, and so it should not make aluminum heavy. The new structural basis must also increase the stiffness of the body.

The twelve-cylinder engine continues to work under the hood. The existing 6.6-liter engine that is shared with the BMW 7, however, will replace the double 6.75-liter turbo that is already used in the Phantom and Cullinan, which is set at 420 kW. It will be combined with an eight-speed machine.

The rear wheels are also expected to be used to ensure higher maneuverability. Even the arrival of four-wheel drive is out of the question, the architecture is ready, Cullinan SUV is already using it.

On the contrary, the intergenerational metamorphosis design will only undergo evolutionary change, but Rolls-Royce is still a fan of the classical conservative style, although the SUV could not be offered. The shapes were designed by Giles Taylor, the departing chief designer, who left for the FAW Chinese group last year. His successor in the position of Jozef Kabaň will only deal with other projects. For example, with custom-made cars that Rolls-Royce is likely to do on a larger scale than ever – thanks to the new modular architecture in its cars.

Inside we expect the highest levels of luxury and the best materials that match and fit on Rolls-Royce. Modern technology such as a head-up display will also be used. Here too, two wheelbase lengths must be available. We are waiting for the derivative Wraith Coupe and Dawn Cabriolet, the first to be expected anywhere in 2022, the second a year later.

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