The students return to the benches in stages. It’s chaos, school principals are angry

It is already a big problem in the morning school groups. Under normal circumstances the children would be in one group, now the first and second grade students should be divided into four groups so that the children from different classes do not meet.

Next week there will be more students from the first grade. It is almost utopian to ensure that the children in the company are separated by class. “We could not have done this without the help of teaching assistants. It is not possible to divide children by class into groups,” emphasizes Ludmila Břeňová, the leader of the group in Hradec Králové.

Starting next Monday, there will be primary school children, ninth graders and then half of the children from other classes in primary schools. However, they will take turns in weeks. It probably couldn’t be more complicated. School principals have a week to search existing schedules and provide a physical education or music replacement program.

“We will be away a lot if we can, otherwise the teacher might teach one class and then go to the class, where he will broadcast online,” explains Jiří Otčenášek, director of Pouchov primary school in Hradec Králové.

So far, secondary and vocational schools are in the greatest uncertainty. The directors have no idea when the non-grad kids will go there. The Czech Republic is awaiting the third phase of the anti-epidemic PES system.

“Even though we all try our best, I don’t know how good it will be at distance learning, we don’t know how objective the testing is. We’ll see what it will be like when he returns to school,” said Zdeněk Zitko, director of SPŠ potravinářství, shrugged and services in Pardubice.

Graduate classes have a different composition for almost every subject. Pupils choose tutorials and are composed of students from different classes, which is inconceivable in the current circumstances. “We are unable to provide education to all high school graduates because it is not even possible to arrange it in a schedule,” regrets Jaroslav Šťastný, director of the Jeronýmov Grammar School in Liberec.

However, according to the Ministry of Education, it is essential to follow the same class format even if you don’t follow the curriculum. “Distance learning can take place there for subjects involving students from more than one class. The condition of group homogeneity takes precedence,” said Aneta Lednová, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education.

The Pedagogical Chamber considers the current situation chaotic and unnecessary and has even drawn up an alternative proposal. In it he refuses to turn students according to classes. It is said that the gradual return of all children in individual stages would be better.

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