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O2 smugglers called New Year's Eve for New Year's Eve. Although the number of New Year's Eve has steadily declined in recent years, the last day of 2018 has increased by 16 percent. On Monday, December 31, mobile phones with O2 were more than 16.1 million calls and another 2.3 million calls were highest in the first hours after the day.

The last day of the year with O2 paid more than 9.7 million sms & # 39; and and 274.000 mms. Tradin grew so much about mobile data, when 4G LTE's data volume grew by more than 93 percent over the losing year.

On New Year's Eve we saw not only a sharp rise in their data on mobile data, but also in the form of e-mail, or in the news and in society, but people are much less than a year old, it's free, said Jitka Pajurkov of O2's press department.

T-Mobile New Year's Eve has confirmed the trend to move from house to house and from text to data. The total traffic data in mezironm grew by 106 percent, 112 percent in LTE. Other mobile services have remained the same. The number of incoming and outgoing calls reached 22.8 million, or 12 percent more than in 2017. The first time was usually the first hour after the day.

The number of SMS messages was 14.8 million compared to the same period last year. The first hour was the tradin asov at 23:45 and 00:45, the highest quarter than the range of 00:15 and 00:30. The smugglers sent 340,000 MMS for Latvian New Year's Eve, which is a percentage decrease of the inter-annual.

The leton silvestr was in the trend of data usage, compared with the previous last day of the year, the use of data services grew by 56 percent, mainly due to the large capacities of LTE, according to Marek Steiger of Vodafone.

Speech traffic to New Year's Eve reached 16 percent. According to her, the signing of the year was a sign of the end of the year-end of the year on Monday, that is to say on a working day against Sunday Sundays. SMS traffic decreased by two percent. So the MMS people sent, but with 180 percent more than a day.

New Year's Eve celebrated so many foreign nvtvnk. The most prominent in their total sweat was NMCI, followed by Ukrainians, Russians, Sloves and Rakuan, said T-Mobile spokesman Martin Kemrov.

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