this year they had dreamed of drinking beer for a drinker, but instead they ate more Companies and markets

PRAGUE et pivai this year they drank about 1.2 big beers per month, the consumption of tins dropped to 7.6 kilos. You and consumption increased by 0.4 pounds to 2.7. Beer drinks nine out of ten and nearly half of them. The results of a recent study by the Center for the Recognition of Public Affairs (CVVM) were published in the press by the sociologist and the author Ji Vinopal.

According to him, this year he was the one who always drinks beer. Their rate has dropped from 91 percent to 86 percent from 2015. This year the meziron fell by a percentage point. The biggest consumer of the year is between 18 and 29 years old, just after 30 to 44 years, says Vinopal.

While at least some beer consumables were dreaming this year from ten percentage points to 49 percent. According to Vomoil, the decline is caused by living in the world of goods. Many of those who drank the majority of the beer or drank it for the most part have been beaten up by plundering. For example, beer is the preferred drink and drinks it a little, but it is too hot. The age of the group was equally well balanced with the beer stocks, but in the past two years we saw the number of people aged 30 and 44 and older than 60 years, Vomoil added.

According to the publisher of the Czech brewery and the brewery of Martina Ferenc, the role of the brewer is the role of brewer. Beer also has a low calorific value and contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. He is a good sports friend, of course in the pimenum, Ferenc said.

In the pot, the individual socio-demographic groups do not differ from each other according to the research. In the long term it only appears that all age groups drink beer for something else or not. The average of them goes through the days with him and two days in the day. More specifically, in the last few years, develop a group of youngsters (18-29 year-olds) who have been meditating for a long time or falling below the threshold t tn in the week, and this year two have grown, Vomoil added. Consumers give beer on 3.5 days, less than two days. Of those who drink beer at all times, he has at least twice 74 percent of him and 45 percent and. Every day of the day he drinks less than 5% beer.

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