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Xiaomi m new raloka. It is a sample for a reasonable price

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Xiaomi has introduced SVJ to install a new smartphone. His name is Black Shark 2 and he is a Black Shark elephant of the year. It was a smartphone with a top performance, in this respect Black Shark 2 wants to place itself at the top of the current production. The company presents the Black Shark character as a separate copy, but with ns we will be sure to meet it in connection with the maternity sign.

But in power again. Black Shark 2m flyon pits Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor plus 12GB RAM. Mention the company's printing materials, but the company has also announced the price of the Czech company Weibo and the price of the individual versions: 12 GB RAM and 256 GB internal memory with 4 199 Jan, which is approximately 14 in memory 150 crowns. With Czech VAT, the price is at least 17 200 kroner, but a little bit too.

There are also variants: 8 GB RAM and 256 GB memory, 8 and 128 GB and therefore 6 and 128 GB. Their prizes are 3 799, 3 499 and 3 199 Jan, which means a minimum of around 15 500, 14 200 and 13 000 crowns with the esk. Separate model with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory originally sold for 15 490 crowns and you can get for less than 12 thousand crowns, which can be a clear indication of what the esk will ultimately look like. So far, how much and how memory variations can occur with ns.

It is certain that the customer will receive a smartphone with a perfect fit and maximum performance. In addition to changing the processor and memory combination, Black Shark 2 gets the perfect fit in other ways. You do not need a breeding with a main image of 48 megapixels and light f / 1.75 and a kind of double breeding, wireless charger or a fingerprint hidden under the display glass.

When it comes to the display, Black Shark 2 imposes a lot on it. Because it is mainly about the most comfortable edges of the game, the display is free of irregularities, only the corners are rounded. Full HD + resolution, 2,340 x 1,080 pixels and 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. The panel is of the AMOLED type and m of 6.39 inch.

At first glance, the screen appears fairly common, but the manufacturer has superlatives that make it a gaming device: perfect calibrations, adaptive functions that adjust colors to current lighting conditions, HDR peaks with automatic SDR content and flash-rendered, so the fastest response on the market. Black Shark promises to respond to touch within 43.5 milliseconds, while the iPhone reaches 45 milliseconds and the Samsung Galaxy S10 60 milliseconds (according to Men & # 39; s Black Shark).

Edges from the edges also support the touchpads on the phone or stereo speakers. The inside of the phone is then water cooled, which is this time, and Black Shark 2 has the power to become first generation. Powerful water cooling allows the activation of a special Ludicrous mdu game (apparently inspired by electric cars from Tesla), whereby the phone is also suitable for the latest power source. The manufacturer also offers customization in the form of a special cooling housing that can lower the temperature of the processor by 10 degrees Celsius.

In this case, the user can often quickly drain energy from the 4000 mAh battery, as well as the lack of fast charging. With a power of 27 watts, the phone can charge another 30 minutes after five minutes, so the phone charges for ten minutes and loses it for an hour. The phone will get a decent Android operating system, but the environment will be turned into a special hub by pressing a special button.

New to come on sale during the second quarter of this year, availability in the Czech Republic but not yet.

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