CR criticizes Kraus and does not understand YES: "Stepanek is jura, he does not belong to the council"

The casting of the seats in the Thirteen-member Council for Radio and Television broadcasts has been as long as it is now. She is nominated for the YO movement – his support was won by ČT critic, publicist and former candidate for political functions in ODS colors Petr Štěpánek. Despite his political history, despite the fact that Andrei Babiše he also mentioned the "Slovak Gauner".

Štěpánka was introduced by the moderator Jan Kraus in broadcast from Frekvence 1. "There is a number ignorance about the environment, globally from the point of view of the YES party, because Mr. Štěpánek is present in the broadcasting councils for about 30 years. I was born, so Mr. Stepanek was on the radio board, "Kraus said exaggeratedly.

He argued that the publicist, but also the musician Štěpánek, formerly the editor of ČT and today a loud critic of public television, worked at RRTV between 1994 and 2003 and from 2006 to 2011 he was a member of the board of administration of the Czech telecommunications office.

"The man was always jurodi (feeble, crazy, red.), Always out of professional competence, always looking at the interests of his jury." As far as YES is concerned, he wrote that Babis is a throwerYES are faunas, or I do not know what everything is and now he has deleted, because he had to go to counsel. That is what I have said without, morally profiling, so I think perhaps the last person to be advised is someone like this gentleman, "continued Kraus in his sharp criticism.

Pospíšil (TOP 09) criticized Štěpánka on the ODS

It is not the only one who criticizes Stepanek's support, which will be discussed by MEPs at its October meeting. The chief of TOP 09 Jiří Pospíšil was also enthusiastic.

"Petr Štěpánek has absolutely nothing to do in RRTV, his nomination of the ANO movement is a bad joke, but YES are known "Jokes," as we have often seen, "he wrote on Twitter, but he himself ran when he also wrote that it was" incomprehensible "to him, even if the ODS thought of the support of Štěpánka.

"Jirko, why are you here in public? ODS leadership has never said anything like this. I would never vote for Mr Štěpánek, in the parliamentary club this opinion is the absolute majority, "responded to Pospíšil, MEP Jan Černochová.

Moderator Jan Kraus attacked Petr Štěpánek.Moderator Jan Kraus attacked Petr Štěpánek. |

Štěpánek is now a non-party, ODS has already left. "If it's really a rumor, I'm sorry (…) The idea of ​​Petr Štěpánek in the Council is completely absurd for me. If that happens, we hope that it will not be a single vote of the democratic parties, "said Pospíšil.

Against Stephen & # 39; s protest in Prague

And what about Stepanek itself? He last appeared in an interview for XTV and Lubos Xaver Vesely said: "That there will be some negative reactions, that could be counted, but that's going to take a mess that someone wants to call a demonstration? & # 39;

But he himself can "fit under the boiler". In the past he suggested on Facebook to submit Kavčí hory and to press the button. Nowadays he calls it a bonmot. And he is faced with a demonstration of the upcoming Milion for Democracy project "Protest against the explosion of CT", convened on Monday at the Lesser Town Square in Prague.

"It is best to subject Czech TV and compare it with the land! Petr Štěpánek does not like that, nominee of the YO movement to a member of the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (RRTV). This gentleman, who founded the semi-fascist alternative to the Czech Republic … is, according to the parliamentarians, the most competent person for the KSČM and the SPD who impartially and independently monitors the broadcast quality of all Czech media, especially ČT, the protest organizers are wondering.

And they point out that the House of Representatives will probably vote on Štěpánek and other candidates on 2 October. The appointment of Štěpánka, among others, is also observed by the director of the Czech television Petr Dvořák.

Stepanek wants to return to the crime scene

Štěpánek now claims to have left all public functions in 2011, the offer to walk for the council made him by the sea in the summer – and did not come directly from JA.

"I live with the happy life of the rentier, I am a grandfather, I drive the world and the phone to the sea and there a deputy, not the YES movement, I will not mention, if I did not think again about running a broadcaster, it would be good if someone in the council had a certain consistency of opinion, it has said the same for many years and is not only critical for Czech TV, but also for our media scene in general, "he said in the interview for XTV.

Publicist Petr Štěpánek at the ODS election meeting in October 2011.Publicist Petr Štěpánek at the ODS election meeting in October 2011. |

He wondered who would choose him. "I shake all politicians from left to right, without distinction and sometimes very hard" Štěpánek said, according to which he was supported by his appointment and the chairman of the YOA Jaroslav Faltýnek. "In fact, Faltýnek said to me:" You know, we want a plane in those councils. " says Štěpánek.

The full Štěpánka nomination has another dimension. His remarks show that the end of the council in 2003, which was rejected by Prime Minister Vladimír Špidla, led to him, which even led to lawsuits. "They have executed us," says Štěpánek, who would like to return to the "crime scene".

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