Hrdlička from ex-partner Borhy: I am licked with the beauty and wisdom of Plíšková

A few days after the funeral of his father, Václav, who succumbed to prostate cancer, Michal Hrdlička he went to China for his wife at Masters Premiere 5 in Wu-Chan. The path has faded by responding to fans in social comment.

And to get to the other thoughts of his father, he let his sense of humor speak. His answers can not be taken as a joke. To say that one of the fans is the most beautiful man in the world, he answered that "I am probably in the top 5." And when he had to say how he met Carolina Plíšková, he said that he had harassed her with his humor.

He further revealed that his favorite scent is the hockey dressing room, and he agreed with the opinion that he was an acorn. Lucie Borhy was also lucky with her?

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