10 people were injured in the collision of a bus and car in Prague

The accident stopped traffic for about 20 minutes. Three tram lines had to be diverted and buses had to stop on the sidewalk.

Prague – Ten people were slightly injured this morning in the collision between a bus and a passenger car in Prague & # 39; s Střešovice. CTK said spokesmen for the medical rescue service and the police. Due to the accident, bus and tram traffic was short-lived.

Passenger car and bus arrived around 6.30 pm near the tram stop Vozovna Střešovice at the intersection of the streets Patočkova and Cukrovarnická. Approximately ten slightly injured were cared for by four rescue workers, said the spokesperson for the Prague rescue service, Jan Poštová. Police spokesman Tomáš Hulan added that police officers are investigating the accident, but he has not provided any further information about the circumstances of the collision.

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