A car entered the people at the Mácháč festival. The driver breathed 1.36 per mille

The dramatic event took place at the Dance Party of Mácháč 2018 on Saturday 22.00 at the main entrance to Klůček Beach.

"The 48-year-old man from Prague, through his own traffic signs and roadblocks, passed the Audi S8 factory road for festival visitors at the main entrance to the Klůček beach, where the security officer stopped him," says the spokesperson for the Liberec agents. Ivana Baláková.

The woman forbade the driver to drive the gate and forbade him to go back, because people followed him along the footpath. But the driver continued with the car. Around the gate were drunken people who ignored the car.

Accident at the Mácháč festival

law enforcement

Accident at the Mácháč festival

"She had to intervene quickly to warn her that they would withdraw, but she could not avoid a 43-year-old employee from a private security agency who pushed the car onto the barrier wall and caused a minor injury to her hands," Balakova.

The man breathed 1.36 per mille alcohol. The police held him and went to the cell. "He defends himself by accidentally pushing the automatic steering in the wrong position in front of the gate, causing the vehicle to drift away," the police spokesman added.

The man stays in the police cell on Sunday. Police officers want to prosecute him for misconduct due to neglect during the trial, general negligence during the trial and under the influence of addictive drugs. He can stay in prison for up to three years.

In addition, the police had to deal with small drug addiction among visitors at events, which they described as a crime. On Sunday they pay attention to the drivers who leave the festival.

On the night of the Sunday they treated a serious incident when a 30-year-old woman from Pilsen went to places where visitors were not allowed to come. She then attacked the guard and the medical officer. She breathed 2.11 promile. She also attacked the police who took her prisoner. The men of the law tried to bite and kicked so aggressively in the car that it even damaged the police car window. Now she is faced with a fine of up to 10,000 crowns for a crime.

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