A six-year-old boy falls out of the window in Benesov – News.cz

Thursday, August 30, 2018, 9:37 – Benesov

The child fell outside the window on the second floor of a panel house in Dukelska Street before 7 a.m. For the wounded not only the rescuers, but also the doctor and the helicopter left.

"The child of school age suffered a moderate head injury and complained of abdominal pain During the treatment she was aware and communicated.After the necessary care of the rescuers the helicopter was transported to the hospital in Motol in Prague," Petra Effenbergerová, spokeswoman for the rescue workers.

"Criminologists deal with the case, but there was no charge of a child's fall, and other circumstances of autumn are the subject of research," added police spokeswoman Monika Schindl.

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