A summary of the events that took place on August 21, 2018

Fruits and vegetables as supermarket waste? The worst are bananas and salad

That the unsold fruit and vegetables in the supermarkets usually come to life will not surprise anyone. Even if they accidentally end up in a compost, no mixed waste, they are still embodied in wasting energy for their cultivation. Not every colored vegetable or fruit has the same negative impact.

Due to drought this year, no crop of forest tree species will be harvested

The harvest of forest tree seeds from the extreme summer climate this summer does not prove. Forests ripen almost a month earlier. It also damages the tree. But the seeds need most of the Czech and Moravian forests in a time of climate change. The crop will not be as dry as expected in June.

Illegal production of dried meat in Pardubice

Inspectors from the regional veterinary administration of the Pardubice region (KVS) carried out an inspection at the company Original Viking CZ, located in Vysoké Mýto, in collaboration with the police and the municipal trade department of the city of Vysoké Mýto.

Olomouc: Scientists have deciphered the whole series of hereditary ears of corn

The international team of scientists, including the experts at Olomouc, has deciphered the complete hereditary code from one of the world's most cultivated agricultural crops, wheat set. A total of 200 scientists from 20 countries participated in the study for 13 years. The discovery plays a major role in the breeding of more resistant varieties.

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