After the death of two dt, the speed is inflated and not allowed to go

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In this section, the right of horizontal traffic, indicated in the form of filling from both directions, was led through the footbridge, supplemented with pedigrees on the right, said Olomouc police spokesman Irena Urbnkov.

Vertical traffic sign has been added to prohibit the use of the most permissible speeds for 70 kilometers per hour, she added.

In the city, monstrousness has been driven to a speed of nine hundred kilometers, or there is a place of land.

Opaten is a reaction to an accident on the road to the fourth squadron of the Holistestal 29 in the afternoon, in the kiovatcenarazil of the back of a few deliveries that preceded the crossing of the felicia before the ride to the left bank of the street.

I dropped some of the stencils on the path of the confession, her idiot in an attempt to prevent a rifle from the gun, but she got a slip on the maneuver and hit the tree along the way with an uncontrolled movement .

In the car with n the children traveled. The toddler and the type of dt in the elbow were mortally wounded and the effort to save the oiven has been in vain. idiot, tet the dt and idi Josef Ondrsek, who caused the accident, got hurt in the hospital.

Ondrsk's debt was also confirmed by a court that sent him 6.5 years in mid-August, and before that he had denied the dictatorship and the obligation to pay the damage. The verdict is still not legal and the two parties have left the bar to the ground.

He was personally fired by negligence of packing in criminal sentences under the influence of a drug addict, or the blood accident caused by two mischief missions.

As Mrs DNES reported in April, she was punished in the past for torture. That's why the police had to keep him in custody, otherwise the team could repeat it again if he could get out of the way.

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