Agrofert receives subsidies, but people pay little, criticizes German MP –

Agrofert, which the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis placed in the Trust Fund at the beginning of last year, bought the German Bakery Group Lieken in 2013.

Of the then 4,000 employees with a very good salary guaranteed by the contract, the group now has about 2,800. Another 1,665 jobs are about to be canceled by Agrofert.

Some of the redundant workers, including Erben and around 300 employees in the city of Weißenfels in Saxony-Anhalt, had to find a replacement job at Wittenberg more than an hour's drive, where Agrofert launched new operations on the market.

"But nobody did it, and he did not do this because people are being deployed there under considerably worse conditions, and they have a few hundred euros a month less," explains Erben.

"From the start, Agrofert promised that people would be accepted under the same conditions, but he did not," criticizes the Czech government's representative.

Subsidies for closing the bakery and deteriorating working conditions

"Even more than Agrofert I am angry with those who have the political responsibility for the fact that Agrofert still receives money for its actions", says a 50-year-old politician for a 11.5 million euro subsidy, which the group got at the new bakery in Wittenberg. then the Minister of Economy of Saxony-Anhalt Hartmut Möllring (CDU).

According to Erben, the state is rewarding the business decision to close a bakery and elsewhere to open another where people work under worse conditions.

The Agrofert Group is the largest in the Czech agricultural and food industry, two in the chemical industry and a major player in the forestry and media sector. Last year it employed about 33,000 people, just like the year before, of which 22,000 in the Czech Republic. Agroferta's consolidated profit fell 38 percent last year compared to CZK 4.8 billion.

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